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A. Troubleshooting

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 Alarm not ringing
In majority of cases, alarm issues are caused by various battery saving feature of your firmware. For example the Stamina mode of Sony firmwares causes all alarm to not trigger unless Sleep as Android is white-listed.

In case you force close the app, alarms won't ring either. In this case it is necessary to restart the app in order to reschedule alarms. This may also happen if you are using task killer software or automated backup software. 

Another reason may be that the device did run out of battery before the alarm time. To prevent this, we recommend putting the device into the charger for sleep tracking or increasing the battery level when we leave the phone on stand-by. This may be configured in Application settings → Sleep tracking → Stand-by.

On specific ROMs it may happen that the application crashed during sleep tracking which may also result in missed alarm. In general, features which are known to be sensitive for crashing on exotic firmwares include: wake up with light, noise recording, screen dimming. You may want to try to disable those features. 

If none of the cases above apply to You, please send us a debug report (menu  report a bug) as soon as possible after you realize the alarm did not ring. 
 Accelerometer (Flat sleep graph) From various error reports we know that the accelerometer sensor implementation on some firmwares has issues. Over the time the accelerometer may get into a broken state and it stops sending data. The only way we know to resolve this issue is to do a reboot. In all cases so far, reboot did solve this issue.
 Accelerometer (Wild graph)
 On Galaxy Nexus and few Motorola devices, you may be experiencing an issue that the sleep graphs turns wild at a specific hour during all tracking. 

There is a known bug in acceleremeter which is causing the accelerometer data to go wild whenever any other app touches the accelerometer and sets it to mode DELAY_NORMAL. The apps we know about are triggering this is Noom Weight Loss and Noom Pedometer. But in general, although we are not sure, we believe this may be triggered by any other app which is using the accelerometer.
 Battery consumptionUsually battery consumption issue or related issues causing phone over-heating during sleep tracking are not caused by the sleep tracking directly.

In most cases sleep tracking itself is not consuming too much battery (usually around 1-2% per hour of tracking). But because we hold a wake lock (keeping the phone awake) any other usually badly written apps may access the CPU extensively during the sleep tracking time. We would suggest checking which services are running before you get to sleep. For us it is hard to debug this. Also battery statistics are not a hint here as all battery consumption is accounted to the app which holds the wake lock even it did not consume the battery (this is by design in Android).  

I good test would be to reboot your phone before sleep tracking (or kill any unnecessary services running) and see if sleep tracking will still consume too much battery afterward. Features within Sleep as Android which may cause higher CPU load during tracking include noise recording. You may try tracking without it for a reference. Also I would strongly recommend to track with airplane mode on.
 Airplane mode not set Unfortunately due to dummy security restrictions the Android team introduced in 4.2 there is no option to enable airplane mode from an app automatically. You always have to use the settings or long touch power button. If you have a rooted phone you may consider using we have support for that in Sleep. There is a similar hack for 4.3.

If you don't agree with the Android team design decision you can upvote issue 40497 here
 No noise recorded Please check that you have enabled noise recording in Application settings  Sleep noise recording. Noise recording in not enabled by default as it causes slightly increased battery consumption during sleep tracking. 

Next please check your Application settings  Sleep noise recording  Recording volume threshold you may want to lower your threshold in order to get more recordings, 20% is the default but 10% may be a better match for your device. 

Also Application settings  Sleep noise recording  High quality recording is good to enabled as it features a better algorithm to capture significant noises. 

Next try to adjust the recording threshold. You can start very low - for example 5/100...If you start sleep tracking you see a recording progress bar at the top. There are two indicators, one shows the actual threshold and the other the actual recorded level. When even the second line gets over the first line recording starts. 

Please do a loud noise to calibrate the scale and then try to make a normal noise you would expect sleep talk would be during night. If you see your talking is getting recorded (red icon to the left) than you are setup. Otherwise please try to adjust the recording threshold. 

In case you are still suffering issues please send us a debug report (Alarms tab  menu  send debug)
 Noise recording quality If your noise recording quality is bad and you hear static noise you may consider enabling  Application settings  Sleep noise recording  High quality recording.
 Application crashes during sleep tracking Crashing during sleep tracking seems very rare but still may happen on some firmwares, especially on custom ROMs. 

Here is a list of featured with has been reported as causing rare crashing issues on specific firmwares. You may want to try disabling them:
- noise recording
- screen dimming
- wake up with flashlight

Also make sure you don't use any task killer apps or automated backup tools. And if you insist on using them than please try to white-list Sleep as Android.

Also it may happen that the app updates during the night. We have a restarting mechanism in the Sleep as Android Unlock app which shall restore sleep tracking under normal conditions. If this mechanism is failing for some reason you may want to disable auto-updating or track with airplane mode which is anyway highly recommended. 

Finding out what is the cause of the problem on each individual firmware is a very difficult task as this problem is not caused by the application but on the contrary by a bug in the firmware itself. 

If you would like to help us debug the problem please try the following (SD card needed, Android <4.2!):
1) Download alogrec (free) from Play Store
2) Start it before you start tracking.
3) Start tracking.
4) If the tracking is not running in the morning, send us the output of alogrec.
 Screen turns on during tracking Unfortunately, quite a lot Android devices out there do not support gathering accelerometric data (sleep tracking) with screen-off. This is duo to a bug which is on 100% of devices with Android version 1.6 to 2.3.4, on many +2.3.5 device and even on several devices with +4.0. We are doing an automated detection of whether you device is screen off tracking capable or not. In case we detect it isn't we turn screen on automatically during sleep tracking in order to keep tracking functional.

If you think we did detect your device incorrectly you may try to re-detect using the following process:

1) Go to settings misc.
2) See what does the option "Screen-off tracking" say.
3) You can try to reset this option by clicking on it and confirming.
4) Then turn off the screen, wait for ~3 minutes and turn it back on.
5) See what does the option say now. If it says the screen-off tracking is supported, the next tracking you run should automatically turn off the screen. If it, on the other hand, says it is not supported, then your phone likely does not allow sleep tracking with screen off. You can try to use an option lower in the menu "Force screen-off tracking", but beware it may result in sleep tracking and smart wake up malfunctioning

 Upload to SleepCloud fails Please first check to you have sufficient connectivity, ideally a home WiFi at the time of synchronization. If synchronization is still an issue, please send us a debug report directly from the backup add-on in settings->Backup->menu->send debug.
We are very sorry for the issue. Reliability of the alarm is our highest priority. In reality, our users report this issue very rarely.