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B. Permissions

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This chapter explains the permissions required by Sleep as Android in detail. Please note that in general we do not collect any personal information unless you explicitly decide to give them to us for example by sending a debug report.
Please note that Android controls the way permissions are named, which is why their names don't always reflect the way Sleep as Android app actually uses them.

Your location
We use approximate location (network-based) to implement some of the cool location based features:
  • wake up with sunrise
  • location tagging
  • morning weather
We use coarse location and make it even more coarse to +/- 5 km. You can completely opt-out from location storing in settings->misc

Network Communication
NFC - used for the NFC CAPTCHA to make it possible to stop the alarms by scanning an NFC tag
Bluetooth - required on some firmwares in order to be able to trigger automatic airplane mode
Internet access - to be able to share your sleep graphs on Facebook and Twitter, but only in case you decide to

Your personal information
Read sensitive log data - this permission is used to debug errors in the application or interference with other apps, you always have to agree to send the logs to us with an email, we do never send such data without your knowledge. Also note that this permission is no more active on Android 4.2+ where remote debugging of complex problems is nearly impossible - thank you Android team! 

Your applications information
Retrieve running apps - we use this to keep the alarm dialog always on top, for that we need to find out that you switched to another activity. The reason is to make dismiss of alarm more user-friendly and to prevent some CAPTCHA avoiding techniques. 

Modify/delete SD card contents - we use this permission to export your sleep data to a CSV file on the SD card and to store noise recordings

Your accounts
Find accounts on the device - this permission is use to secure in-app purchases - please note that this permission does NOT include retrieval of any authentication information.

Hardware controls
Record audio - needed for noise stats, noise recording and snoring detection
Take pictures and videos - this feature is only used to control the flashlight for the wake up with light feature, we never take actual pictures or videos

Phone calls
Read phone state and identity - this feature is used to stop lullabies or recording when you get into a phone call

System tools
Bluetooth administration - required on some firmwares in order to be able to trigger automatic airplane mode
Change Wi-Fi state - required on some firmwares in order to be able to trigger automatic airplane mode
Disable keylock - used to disable the keylock when alarm starts
Modify global system settings - we need to set several system settings for various features including media volume control, airplane mode and screen brightness
Prevent phone from sleeping - without this permission we would not be able to track your sleep as the phone would get into stand-by after a while

In-app purchase
We have recently added an option to unlock the full version of Sleep as Android via an in-app purchase. This is a straightforward permission that doesn't allow anything else. We hope this will bring better user comfort as there is no need to download a separate app especially when migrating to a new device.