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10. Smartwatch and smartlight integration

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Sleep as Android currently integrates Pebble, Android Wear (Gear Live, G Watch...) and Samsung Galaxy Gear (1,2, 2 Neo, S).

General information

    IMPORTANT: Smartwatch tracking needs to be enabled in settings > smartwatch > tick use smartwatch in Sleep as Android. 

Sleep as Android smartwatch integration features:

    • Basic functions:
      • Alarm on watch - loud or silent (vibrating won't wake your partner!). Works even when the smartwatch loses connection to the phone!
      • Sleep tracking using the watch's accelerometer - better data, more comfort than just with the phone
      • CAPTCHA - gets you out of bed, guaranteed!
      • Pause/snooze/dismiss control on your watch
      • Next alarm indicator right on the watch
    • Advanced functions:
      • Smart wakeup works as good as with the phone application
      • Lucid dreaming invocation
      • Anti-snoring (uses phone's mic but vibrates on your wrist when you snore)
      • Lullaby volume down (fade out any of Your music or provided lullabies)

CAUTION: We recommend to still sleep track with airplane mode on, but BlueTooth needs to be enabled in order to make the connection between your watch and the app working. The recommended way is to switch on the airplane mode (which disables BlueTooth) and then switch BlueTooth on again. 

Supported devices 

Your device is not in the list? We have an API to allow 3rd parties to integrate, please see H. Smartwatch integration API.

Device   Supported Battery consumption
(per night of tracking)
Pebble  YES  <10%
4-5 days without charging with sleep tracking each night
You need to install the Sleep as Android app from the Pebble App Store onto Your Pebble.

Best battery life among smart watches

Known issue:
after some time watch accelerometer may return zero values which leads to a flat graph, this has been approved to get resolved by resetting the watch

 Sony SW3 (SWR50)   YES   ~15% 182 events sensor batch queue which allows very low battery consumption (although default sensor frequency is higher than on Gear Live for example)

Many thanks to Sony Mobile for their great help to overcome the sensor batching issue which got battery consumption from ~70% to ~15% per night. 
Samsung Gear Live  YES  ~15% 150 events sensor batch queue which allows very low battery consumption 

There are issues with refurbished Gear Live devices with a dev version of the OS which do not connect to with Sleep as Android. Re-flashing of the firmware as described below should resolve the issue:
 LG G Watch  YES  ~20% Should be working well even the watch reports a batch size of size zero even sensor batching is supported in fact.

 LG G Watch R  YES  ~15% Biggest sensor batch queue so far 10000 events. May allow us to do some further optimizations in the future..
 LG G Watch Urban  YES  ~15% Sensor batch queue 10000 events.
 Moto 360   YES (but higher battery use)  ~40% CAUTION: Does not support sensor batching and features an 2010 CPU with high battery consumption
RECOMMENDATION: Use theater mode to lower battery consumption!

EDIT2: Seems to get to reasonable battery consumption per night around 40% after the firmware update and fix for the sensor issue below. Still we get reports that on unknown occasions battery can peak at 70-80% for some days. Usually a reboot fixes this issue.  

EDIT: After the firmware update moto360 stops the accelerometer each few minutes, we have a workaround for this issue in the latest BETA version.
 ZenWatch  YES (but higher battery use)   ~40%  CAUTION: Does not support sensor batching
RECOMMENDATION: Use theater mode to lower battery consumption!
Galaxy Gear 1
Galaxy Gear 2
Galaxy Gear 2 Neo
Galaxy Gear S
 YES (but high battery use)  ~70% (on Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo) CAUTION: The accelerometer sensor only works with screen on with Gear 1 and 2, this together with no sensor batching support causes high battery consumption. Gear S allows to track with screen off but we don't have realiable battery consumption results yet.

In order to make it running, You need to download the latest Gear add-on from the Samsung Galaxy AppStore or the Gear manager on some devices. The exact name of the add-on is "Sleep As Android - Gear Add-On". Some users reported that they couldn't find it and they needed to narrow their search to "Health & Fitness". Apps for Gear watches may only be distributed through the Galaxy Apps Store.

Special note for Gear 1 users: Your device must be running Tizen OS.
 Gear Fit  NO  N/A  The API isn't public and device probably won't be continued
 Sony SW2  NO  over 10% per hour of tracking We tried to integrate with Sony SW2, but due to the architecture of the system sleep tracking was consuming over 10% of battery per night which makes SW2 not suitable for sleep tracking.

 Sony SWR10 NO  Unsuitable for sleep tracking - no realtime access to accelerometric data.
 Jawbone UP  NO    No support for 3rd party integration
 Fitbit  NO    No support for 3rd party integration
 Xiaomi Mi Band  NO    No support for 3rd party integration


    IMPORTANT: Smart light bulb support needs to be enabled in Settings→Smartlight.

Latest version of Sleep as Android integrates with Philips HUE smart bulbs. It features:
  • Sunrise-like wake up - you can use light-only alarm which starts and minimum brightness red and slowly moves to maximum yellow light if gentle alarm feature is used
  • Night-light or pee-light - when tracking is paused a minimal red light allows you to navigate around
  • Light-powered lucid dreaming cue

Smartlight wake up