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Snoring And Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces

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Snoring And Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces

I’d like to introduce you to the best and most comfy anti-snoring mouthpiece I got my hands on (my own unbiased opinion). It’s no other than the humble GMSS or the Good Morning Snore Solution.

It is not only an effective anti-snoring mouthpiece but is also safe and comfortable to use. Technology and design-wise, I can confidently claim that its competitors are not a match for it and it works really well in preventing snoring.

I am so glad that after decades of searching for the solution to my sleepless nights filled with loud snoring, I was able to stumble upon this gem of a mouthpiece: the Good Morning Snore Solution.

I had the best of experience using a mouthpiece since I first began using GMSS that I never experienced with the other oral mouthpieces I tried in the past. And trust me, there’s a lot of these that I have tried before.

You can easily tell what its finer points are starting from how easy it is to use, how comfy is it since it doesn’t feel bulky in the mouth, to really delivering its promise of getting rid of snoring and relieving sleep apnea that virtually everyone can use.

If you are like me, it simply is a must to get this ultimate anti-snoring solution that is not at all bulky, quite comfy to use, and safe and really effective too in doing its job of addressing your snoring. You may even forget you actually have it in your mouth because of its really sleek design.

It is not the same as most mandibular advancement devices (MADs) that is only geared towards addressing snoring issues, you don’t just wear this oral appliance nor does it make your jaw, face, and neck feel sore from too much use. Why is that so? For starters, you don’t sleep in an awkward position throughout the night since it does not push the lower jaw to the front. You only end up with a sore mouth in the morning when you use devices like MADs. GMSS does not feel intrusive at all and won’t alter your mouth’s actual form and shape.

Now, what does GMSS do? It ensures your tongue stays in place like what other MADs do but is relatively pain-free and less bulky.

Using the tongue displacement approach, it simply catches the tip of the tongue in a bulb instead of forcing your lower jaw to the front. As a result, it keeps the airway open and at the same time stops the vibration of loose tissues that is characteristic of snoring.

We get it now. GMSS is safe, effective, and it works. However, there must be a catch, right? Do I have to go through a lot of steps to get it working the first time?

There’s none.

You do not need to make any more adjustments or cutting. No need to boil water and then bite. What you do is open your GMSS package when it gets home, rinse it with water and then you can start wearing it.

That’s it.

Safety Precautions
I was deeply impressed with the GMSS that I feel it makes sense I devote an entire section to it alone.

This mouthpiece does not trigger any complications or problems you’d usually experience when using most MADs. For me, it really allows you to get a good night’s sleep because of its design and is the safest thing you can count on to help you get your lost sleep back. It’s virtually free of any side effects or complications that I can’t think of any mouthpiece that can rival or even come near what it can offer.

The Good Morning Snore Solution does not go against your teeth or mouth’s natural anatomy unlike most anti-snoring devices sold out there. It has no impact on your bite, your muscles, facial expressions, or the way your jaw works. It works so well on its own without leaving much of an impact on the body of the user.

It is already common knowledge that the lower back and upper front of your teeth push your jaw the front whenever you use most commercial MADs. Hence, it is no longer surprising that you arise in the morning with a sore or painful mouth or teeth since it creates such a force in your mouth all night long.

Moreover, it is also a common occurrence to have painful or stiff jaw or facial muscles with MAD devices that push your jaw to the front especially during the first few days when you are still adjusting to having the device in your mouth when you sleep. You can free yourself from all these worries and problems by choosing GMSS right from the start.

We are all aware the opening the mouth and then closing it is the main function of your jaw muscles. These muscles will feel all the pain and strain by letting it assume an awkward position all night long. It will definitely feel sore and painful when you wake up. You can liken it to the feeling you get when you’ve decided to run a marathon without warming up prior. You can barely walk the following day after straining your leg muscles so hard that it would still feel sore for over a week perhaps. That’s just how it is with your typical MADs.

It might cause you some discomfort to experience these bothersome side effects but they usually resolve on their own within the first week of use.

But while it may be rare, there is also the potential of having overbite and jaw alignment issues.

As soon as you remove the mouthpiece, you may experience having a fixated jaw, especially that the mouthpiece has pushed it forward for long hours each day.

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VitalSleep Review


Finding that perfect mouthpiece that fits you perfectly and works to your advantage gets more difficult and even more difficult as the years go by with more than a hundred mouthpiece brands competing for your attention.

By now, you have probably realized that the majority of these mouthpieces, more or less, possess the same features if you have spent a great deal of time shopping for the best mouthpiece for you, which is essentially what most snorers are also doing on their own.

However, you’ve probably seen your fair share of mouthpieces for you to understand that not everything you see is what they really are and the VitalSleep is the perfect example. The features of this mouthpiece are worth more than what customers are paying for it if you were to ask me. It’s in a league of its own. This device is definitely a must-have for snorers because they can never find something better than VitalSleep.


Mandibular advancement devices (MADs) are becoming more popular right now and VitalSleep is one of it. Its design enables it to subtly hold the lower jaw to the front, thereby ensuring that nothing blocks the airway. If the reason of snoring still eludes you until now, it’s because a relaxed jaw that also drops blocks the airway resulting in vibrations that leads to snoring.

An airway narrower than normal and a dropped jaw causes soft tissues in your face and neck to vibrate triggering the loud snoring noise as the air you breathe is forced to pass through the narrow opening. But with MADs, it ensures the jaw stays in place to reduce or totally get rid of the snoring. Aside from its perks of eliminating snoring, it is actually good for your body because you can be sure of breathing in enough air in your slumber.

What sets the VitalSleep apart from other mouthpieces?

There is no denying that VitalSleep is a class of its own because it is cost effective as well as offers a 1-year replacement warranty. It comes in two sizes. Men should opt for the regular fit while women will feel more comfy with the small fit. Moreover, it is highly customizable compared to other commercial mouthpieces but something you can only get with the help of your dentist but a trip to the dental clinic isn’t always cheap.

Snoring And Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces

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Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces

sleep apnea mouthpieces

sleep apnea mouth pieces

sleep apnea mouthpieces articles

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