Stacy's Shamrock Lucky


Since so many people ask about our sweet Bubbalicious, I thought what better way to share him than by setting up a doggie page.

Stacy's Shamrock Lucky DB was born on Feb. 12, 2005. He is a Lhapso Apso and was part of an all male litter! I know some people say that breeders are bad, but that is not the case with all breeders. Shamrock was purchased from KKPaints in Missouri. Bubba was a gift to me from my husband when we were dating! I so love him.

Here are some pictures of Bubba when he was still with the breeder. Pictures courtsey of KKPaints.

Random Pictures

On our bed

Sleeping with Daddy

Aren't I handsome???

Daddy and Bubba playing


Can you tell he like's the camera????

After a few months of rough doggy playing withh Daddy, his hair becomes matted so...

Crappy picture of Bubba with full coat.

What his favorite toy looked like after a year of play

After a hard day of playing and eating Dingo's and helping mommy and daddy

Bubba was a helper at Thanksgiving. The white is cheesecake and the yellow is deviled egg!

Awwwww, he's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

A boy 'needs' his piggy ears!

He was soooo not happy....




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