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WOW!!! It was so much fun!!!! The church was packed, the reception site was BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can say that it was the best experience YET!!! 

The day started with a few snafus. The signature matte was left at the hotel, along with the broom, the markers for the matte were left at my parent’s house about an hour away from the church, but between my cousins and WC, they saved the day!!!

The gospel choir did their thing as I wanted. I requested that ‘Jesus, You are the Center of My Joy’ be sung last and they ‘killed it’!!! I was in tears and so was the rest of the church. I can say that there was not a dry eye in the house. I actually asked that they stop singing because I was a blithering fool, but it was all that I could ask for and more!

When the time came for me to come it, my WC asked me three times if ‘I was ready’, and each time I told her ‘no’ because I had my ugly ‘cry face on’. When she asked me the fourth time, I said ‘Yes’ and the doors opened and I swear I felt like a ‘STAR’!!!! All the flashes from camera’s about blinded a girl!


All I could think about was getting to ‘my man’. Both of my parents walked me down the aisle, and I swear I was floating… When we got to the end of the aisle, my father took my DH, giggles, hand and then he told him some words, and then my father ‘grabbed me’ and sobbed loudly. He didn’t want to let me go…


The service was touching, and from our guests, when the choir did the ‘Alleluia’ for the Gospel of the Lord, again not a dry eye in the house. Father’s homily was about marriage and how important it is, about how things happen, about trials and tribulations, about love and life. We both ‘loved’ it, because it was fitting.


When it came time for the pronouncement, I got really excited to the point where I was literally jumping and I kept saying to Father Don, ‘Say it, say it, say it!!!!’, of course our guests began to laugh but I was ready!!! Then there was ‘the kiss’…  

Walking back down the aisle, we practically ran, but we stopped along the way to hug folks, and that was AWESOME!!!!


The reception site was sooooo pretty!!!! Our room was all marble from floor to ceiling, we requested white linens, with white wood chairs and it provided coziness like being at home. All of our guests enjoyed the food and the candy buffet was a BIG hit!!!! There were more adults there than kids! For all the brides thinking of doing this, I highly recommend doing it!!!! In addition the signature matte was a big hit as well!!!


I’m a MRS!!!!! Now on to the photos...



I used a makeup artisit from MAC. She did everyone in the picture above including three more not shown.

 Since people always ask, here is the makeup chart that she used.

Makeup of my sister in law

I opted to wear jewlery from my grandparents. The earrings and bracelet are from my paternal grandmother. The necklace is from my maternal grandfather. The tiara, shoes, and hanky are all from E-Bay.


Here are the 'Diva Shoes' as I call them. The heels are 4 inches and the rhinestones go all the way around. The shoes are Alisha Hill's Catherine.

Since I have short hair, I decided to rock a weave. Girls, it was the BOMB!!! My hair is out around the edges and weave everywhere else.  The brand of hair is Outre in wavy and the color is 4.


Time to get dressed - Girls

We got dressed at separate hotels in downtown. I was at the Hotel Phillips, and he was at the Radisson Downtown.

I wanted a dress tag, but I wanted something different than what I had seen, so lucky for me my aunt is a seamstress and created the tag above from me.


Time to get dressed - Boys


DH's groomsmen decided that they would dress him and they did. Here are a few pics.


I love, and I mean PFH  these photos. My groom and his boys were leaving the hotel coming to get me.

First Sight

We chose to meet ahead of time not only for pictures, but also to take some of the pressure off for not only me, but him as well. Believe it or not, the ladies were not running late, the men were!!! In fact, the men were over an HOUR late!!!

This was not part of the plan... The hotel where the fellas got ready at had an Indian Shriners Convention, hence the clown. Notice how some of fellas are looking at him.


Finally after being more than an hour late, my groom arrives. When he came in, he knew I was worried. He made it point to say 'Baby, I'm here...' At that point, I got really nervous and started to cry.

The photo below was taken right as he said he was there and its one of my faves of me!


As soon as the photographer finished, I ran to the stairwell. Have you ever tried running to a stairwell in a wedding dres???? Then you know its not a pretty site, but I made it. What the picture below doesn't show is that each of the guys walked up the stairs to the galley so they all saw me before DH did. Each one of them were so BLOWN AWAY by my look!!! Ladies - Enjoy it!


                                                    I see him and he see's me...


Our first moment

Realizing we have an audience.

Since he had my ring, I asked him to put it back on my right hand.


All the party...


The criminal line up!!!

*Special note to the ladies* You CAN let your girls choose their dress and shoes and IT WILL work out ok!


We then took some photos around the city


Off to the church...Outside of my hometown church

Me and my twin! Look out, bewbie alert!!!

She was born on my birthday and we both have this picture! She has it in her room and a I have it on my office desk!!!

Um, notice the flask...

My super cute nephew/ring bearer

And just beacause, my other super cute nephew


On to the inside of the church...

The altar setup was like this already. All that was added were the two arrangements on the sides. They are curly willow branches with black magic roses. These were then taken to the reception site and used on the buffet table.

These beautiful windows line both sides of the church

One of the light fixtures in the church


It's Showtime!

The fabalous choir!!! I was once part of the choir when I lived in KC and they were happy to be a part of our day. Needless to say they tore it up!!! They did 30 minutes of music before hand, which consisted of five songs, then an additional seven during the service! A little background about this particular picture... The gentleman singing is doing 'Jesus You are the Center of My Joy' as a special request from me. What this picture doesn't show is me in the back boo-whooing telling my coordinator that he needs to stop because I am about to lose it! I wish I had it on tape because let's just say there were plenty of Amen's and Thank You Jesus' and not a dry eye in the house! I have chills when I see this pic and you can see they are all into it too!!!

One of my god daughters passing our programs. She's 8 by the way. That's her twin sister behind her.


Our beautiful pew cones were filled with black magic roses and deep red carnations.


Unity Candle setup. I got the stands from another knottie for $10. All of the candles totaled $7, and the pearls and rhinestones were left overs from other DIY projects.


Our fab signature matte from Pottery Barn was gotten on sale for $30. The photo inside is one of our engagement photos. As you can tell by the second photo, that thing is GINORMOUS!!!


Some of my fantastic family. The two ladies did my aisle runner. The two gentlemen are my brothers, and the little girl is my flowergirl.

My lovely mom and my beautiful flower girl waiting for things to get going. Now isn't my mom's ivory peal beaded dress F-A-B?!?!?! Ladies, you and your mom and both rock the white and no one will care because YOU are the bride!

My niece and nephew. Notice how he has his hand in his pocket and the open mouth.

It's Time...

The choir begins and so does the ceremony...

My fantastic grandparents. They have been married for 60 years!!! Don't they look good?!?!?!?! Notice my grandmother rockin' the ivory dess as well!!!

My brother and my other grandmother. Notice she too was rocking ivory!

DH and his mother

Maids and Men

My niece and nephew were our ring bearer and flowergirl. You can tell she took her job very seriously and I LOVE how my nephew has his mouth open. Look closely and you can see how he is holding the pillow! These two were a RIOT!!!

Funny story... I was behind the closed doors and my WC asked me three different times if I was ready and I told her 'no' because I had my ugly cry face on,ya'll know the one. The fourth time she asked me, I said 'yes'. DH told me later he was thinking I wasn't coming, silly boy...

 Ladies - When the doors opened, you would have I was Queen Ellizabeth because of all the flashes. A girl coulda been blind!!! But seriously my brother, there on the right told me, 'Step up and over.' And if you look closely you will notice that my father, myself, and my mom were all stepping with the same foot.

Notice my mom trying not to cry and my dad asking me if I was *sure*.

As we reached the end of the aisle, my daddy started to cry. Then he grabbed me and started to sob... o how I love my daddy.!

At this point, my mother is also crying. And notice the expression on my MoH's face. Seriouly folks,!

 The lovely ladies

The handsome fellas..

 My cousin doing a reading. Notice she is wearing white. I could have cared less because it was still all about me. A side note, she was not the only guest in white. Turns out our wedding was on a day of a all white party so there were multiple folks in white.

Another good friend of mine. She is a school teacher in Saint Louis and drove all the way from the Lo' for our wedding. She took it upon herself to match our wedding colors.

Our priest is a singer... This was before the reading of the gospel. He is singing the Alleluia. Shout out to Father Don! If you are in the Kansas City area, you gotta check him out!

My parents singing

DH's mom

View from the balcony at the same time

Fr. Don was and still is AWESOME!!! I have known him for 20 years and his homily was touching. He took the time to get to know my DH, spoke to his mother, meaning he called her in Atlanta, and then he came and partied with us later at the rehearsal and reception!

We were able to do our entire ceremony by email and phone. He met with us twice!!! Once when I gave him the papers so we could get married in the church, and the other at our rehearsal! Our first meeting went like this:

Me: FD is that YOU???

FD: Stacy?!?!?!

Me: Your GRAY?!?!? OMG, am I THAT old??!?!?!?!

FD: : Laughs : You?! And you must be FI?

FI: Hey how are you?

Me: So here are the papers, you need anything else?

FD: Nope. So how is the family?

 From there, that’s what our convo was about. It literally took all of 5 minutes. Now that is what I call efficient!

Blessing of the rings. Father Don blessed the rings with holy water while our best man and woman held them. I thought it was unique touch. Notice the smile on DH's face in picture on the right... 

 Ah ha! I got ya now....  :: insert evil laugh :: and yes I did do an evil laugh

Lighting the unity candle

After lighting our unity candle we did 'The Hand Blessing'. Needless to say, there was not a dry eye in the house. Also a tip to ladies that want to do this, make sure you have microphones for those reading...

My aunt did our prayers of the faithful

The choir sung the 'Our Father' and our guests joined hands

Quick Story

The next few photos show how impatient I became waiting to be pronounced. At one point, I said 'Come on Fr. Don, say it!!!!', and I said it LOUD to the point where our guests broke out into laughter. So I will let the pictures tell the story...

The above mentioned moment... Fr. Don was soooo funny... he kept telling me 'No, not yet Stacy'...


Someone finally yelled 'Get a room!!!'

Jumping the broom and we are outtie!!!


After Ceremony Pics

Handing a lil' business...

Happy, but tired!


The Reception

Our reception was held at a city owned facility called 'The Little Theatre'. The building doesn't look like much from the outside,


The tall centerpieces were created by the florist, we gave her free reign. The low centerpieces were the pew cones that were in the church. They were just dropped into a vase on the tables and votives added around. The table numbers are pics of DH and I when we were kids and the table names are places that we have been separately or together.  

We did butler passed hor' durves for the cocktail hour that included crab cakes and stuffed mushrooms, we also  had an open beer and wine bar. Our people drank 20 bottles of wine and an entire KEG!!! Can you say 'P-A-R-T-Y'???? 'Yes' this was a catholic wedding and we DO know how to PARTY! And you know its a good party when nun's and priest participate!!!

The pictures are of me when I was little. These are both when I was two!

Our Entrance... To be honest I don't remember what the song was and neither does DH. Because we didn't get to see the room before our guests arrived we were both in awe... After our entrance we went right into dances, then cake cutting, then food...

Some background on this photo, our DJ played the wrong version of our first dance song, we didn't care! This is me telling him that it was the wrong version. We chose 'Forever More I'll be the One' by John Tesh and James Ingram. You can listen to it here

I was so ridiculously happy... Look at my smile and look at his!!!!

Dancing with parents

Me with my daddy...

 DH and his mom

More Dancing, Fun, Cake Cutting, Kids Table, and the Candy Buffet

One of my aunts telling DH he better take care of me or she and her sisters will *get him*

Me and my lame attempt at two stepping... it was BAD but I had FUN!

DH and my mom. Who knows what they were talking about...

Me and my ridiculiously tall cousin. He is actually bending down in order to be in the picture all the way. Keep in mind I had on 4 inch heels And YES he does play ball!

My kick-ass godfather and his wife! Love them!

I think this was the cupid shuffle...

The Cake

The cake was sooooooooooo goood!!!!! Each tier was five layers

Sheet cake: Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Filling

Bottom Tier: Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Chocolate filling

Middle Layer: Chocolate Cake with Pistachio Filling

Top Layer: Vanilla Cake with Coffee Filling

Icing: White Chocolate Buttercream with White Chocolate Shavings thrown on.

The most awesomenesss cake eva!!!!

It really is silver, I promise. Don't believe me, see the next photo!


Candy Buffet

Now in true theknot fashion, I fell victim to this but it was a HUGE HIT!!! In fact so much of a hit that my kick ass mother, who did this by the way with her faboulus sisters, got inquiries for MONTHS on where to find candy. She got the candy from Mr. Bulky's, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and through one of my cousins! The runner on the table was done by the same kick ass aunt who did my dess tag. She has only boys so I got to ask for what I wanted and ta-dah! The runner is now in our new home on our dining room table.


How the candy table looked before being demolished



Us seeing the candy buffet for the first time! The table that was used was the regular round table that seats 10 people. We only put 8 people at a table to allow for comfort.

DH putting candy lipstick on me!!! And me being super serious and telling him, 'Do your lips like this...'

The kids enjoyed it and so did the adults so much so that my mother told me later she had to tell people to put things back so we could see it all put together! Now when I tell you we had grown people with full purses and pockets, I think that means it a HIT! Just sayin... And ya'll know who ya'll are...


Candy buffet after

The poor candy buffet was literally demolished!!! The only thing left was M&M's and we took care of those later!

And YES those are coffee beans and they smelled like caramel!

Kids Table

What I requested was a long table covered with butcher paper. I then provided pencils, markers, crayons, stickers, and coloring books for the kids.



And then their was the 'Soul Train' line...