Group Photograph from "Circle Back to Seattle"
The 35th Annual IAGSDC* Convention

About us...

Temple Squares, the only LGBTQ* square dance club in Utah, was first organized in 1993. The only problem at that caller could be found.

Then in 2008, after our current club caller moved to town, we were off and running!

We were admitted to the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (or IAGSDC) during the 26th annual convention in Washington DC (April 9, 2009). Check out the IAGSDC history project for a history of  Gay square dancing and the IAGSDC.

Temple Squares was the host club for the 31st annual IAGSDC Convention, Squeeze the Hive, over the July 4th, 2014 weekend. Thinking of going to an IAGSDC  Convention? <CLICK HERE> for a copy of The Guide To IAGSDC Conventions, compiled and edited by Allan Hurst.


This AIN'T your grandma's old-fashioned Square Dancing!

When you think of square dancing, you probably think of hillbillies stomping around in a barn shouting "Do-Si-Do," blue-haired ladies in silly dresses, and horrible times spent in gym classes you hated in grammar or high school, listening to fiddle music while a bored gym teacher read out of a book.

LGBTQ* square dancing is nothing like that! We don't dance in a barn, don't wear silly clothes, and we dance to contemporary music!

Square dancing is one of the hottest social activities in the LGBTQ* community. From its start with a few dozen people and a handful of square dance clubs in the early 1980's, it's grown into an activity with thousands of dancers and clubs throughout the United States, Canada, and Japan!

Why LGBTQ* Square Dancing?

It's a fun, low-impact aerobic activity in a healthy (no smoking or drinking) environment. It's a great way to meet new people!

Once you've learned to square dance with us, you can travel and dance with other clubs all over the world, as well as participate in the annual IAGSDC Convention, held in a different North American city every year, with over 1,000 dancers in attendance!

Many clubs stage weekend dance events called "fly-ins", which provide even more opportunity to dance to different callers and meet new people!

For a listing of some of the LGBTQ* square dance events currently scheduled all over the world, click here.

But ...

...I'm single! In LGBTQ* square dancing, you can be single or coupled. You don't need to bring anyone with you (unless you want them to share in the fun, too)! In fact, many IAGSDC members who are coupled first met while square dancing.

...I don't know anything about dancing! You don't need to know anything about dancing. If you don't believe us, come to one of our introductory nights and spend an evening learning just how easy square dancing is!

...I'm a total klutz! As long as you can tell your left from your right, and you can walk forward, you can square dance.

...I don't have any special dance clothes or shoes! You don't need any!  All you need are comfortable clothes such as jeans and a t-shirt, and shoes or boots that are comfortable for walking. That's it!  (Well, wearing a big smile always helps, too.)

OK, how do I get started?

If you'd like a little "taste" of square dancing, join us for Square Dance ABC, or as we like to refer to them as a Blast Classes.

Square Dance A B C spells an easy way for people to try square dancing at any time, with little or no commitment but with lots of opportunity for Fun, Fitness and Friends!

I need more information!

No problem. Just drop us a line at, or call 801.449.1293.

Or you may contact our caller, Ross Crawshaw-Lopton, directly through his website, by clicking here.