A Stone
If only we could.
We would last eternally
Always being strong and
Never crumbling away,
But with your touch,
Softer than stone even dreams of being
I am strong.
I believe.
I am complete
If only we would
Last eternally.
As a light shining out,
Never fading into grey,
Light me up so much,
I am blind with you and without you
I don’t see
I do see
I am complete.
There is no taboo between us
A word not spoken is lost,
And in its silence, pending,
Some other words cross.
Though life erodes all
And we flutter like a feather in its waves
I want you.
I need you.
I am complete.
If only we should
Become one, fully.
Decide it’s right
And undergo the ceremony.
One to the other given,
In all things for our happy ever after, but
I trust you
Only you
And I