Bent Railings

IMPORTANT: Please read the NOTES at the bottom!

Welcome to the Bent Railings Project, this project allows you to experience poetry in a visual format. Instead of explaining why and how the Journey you are about to take works, i'll just let you get on with it, stranger.

The project features a large number of poems presented in different visual styles, formats, poetic rythms, and also with music to influence your perception of the peice. It is quite important whilst at your computer that you have no music playing prior to starting this journey, except for the strange music you should now be able to hear, which is being played through this webpage. Please cease any external music you may be playing and then adjust the speakers of your computer (or headphones) to a comfortable level.

There are four major strands of poem in this work, abstract, contemporary, romantic and sci-fi. These run paralell to each other and at many steps you will be able to cross from one genre to another, making for a truly unique experience. At the bottom of each poem will be coloured squares, clicking these squares will progress you to another piece. In one journey, it will not be possible to visit the same piece twice. When you reach a journeys conclusion it will be explicitly stated.

 Now it's time to start your journey, please choose one of the following genre's to start in, as listed below:




If your default web browser is any other program you may not be able to hear the background music which forms an important part of the experience. (IN WINDOWS...) To view this in Internet Explorer. Please highlight and copy the following web address (for THIS webpage) into your web browser:

Then click on your START button, and click run, and type in the box "iexplore", then paste the web adress into Internet Exlporers address bar.