slcalc is a programmable calculator for engineers, scientists, and students in Science and Technology.

1. easily define and use your own constants, variables, and functions
2. programmable using "if-then-else" and "while" statements (see examples)
3. arbitrary precision up to 256 significant digits
4. large number up to 1e646456993
5. any base from 2 (binary) to 36
6. calculation history can be recalled, edited, recalculated, and sent by email
7. input and key assignment can be loaded through internet
8. a variety of formats, including n-base, thousands separator, scientific, and engineering notations
9. key layout can be rearranged

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Present version is 1.7

 iPhone   introduction   manual
 iPad      introduction   manual

slcalc free is a limited version of slcalc. During the stay of application, full functions of slcalc are available. When application is terminated, user defined constants, variables, and functions are lost.

ver. 1.6.2

- improve memory management
- start from the the last termination of application
- working with external keybord
- bug fixes

 iPhone   introduction   manual
 iPad      introduction   manual

ver. 1.6.1

24th May 2010
- separation of variable table and function table
- history of calculations displayed on front panel (iPad)
- bug fixes 

ver. 1.6

5th May 2010
- usability improvements
- skins ( at present 4 kinds of skins) and background color changeable
- bug fixes

 iPhone   introduction   manual
 iPad      introduction   manual

ver. 1.5

15 April 2010
- two modes supported for iPhone/IPod touch: one for large key pads, one for reduced key sequence
- new design

 iPhone   introduction   manual
 iPad      introduction   manual

ver 1.4

3rd April 2010
- Settings of key layout is moved to inside application.
- Support iPad (universal application)

 iPhone   introduction   manual
 iPad      introduction   manual

ver 1.3.2

3rd Mar 2010
- key layout can be rearranged for left-hander
- font size of calculation result can be specified by min-max range
- changed to In-App mail

ver. 1.3.1

17th Feb 2010
- more robust and faster
- improved display of calculation result

ver. 1.3   introduction   manual   examples

12th Feb 2010
- arbitrary precision calculations
- landscape view mode

ver. 1.2.1  introduction   manual   examples

6th Feb. 2010
- bug fix of some problems in formatting calculation result
- bug fix of angular unit button incorrectly displayed 

ver. 1.2   introduction   manual   examples

29th Jan. 2010
- support array of variables and functions
- support temporary variables and functions
- 2nd buttons editable and can be set through Internet
- support output format of thousands separator, engineering notation, e & g for any base

ver. 1.1   introduction   manual   examples

 8th Jan. 2010
 - add cursor buttons
 - support insert/delete at cursor position
 - add tapping sound which could be turned on or off
 - add buffer clear button
 - send buffer data by email
 - change icon to cool one

ver. 1.0   introduction   manual   examples

17th Dec. 2009 
- new release

15th Nov. 2004   slcalc for Zaurus ver. 1.2.1 (final version for Zaurus SL-series)
1st  Feb. 2003   slcalc for Zaurus ver. 0.1.0  (Sharp Linux Zaurus SL-C700)