Virtual LC

The new vision of the learning commons sets the library as a hub of activity in the school – a magnet for a range of teaching professionals to connect with students and to extend their own professional learning and practice. The teacher-librarian is a facilitator in this setting, coaching other professionals, connecting them with each other and with resources. The library’s virtual space can be as much of a hub as the physical space, where resources, technology, user-focused design and innovative teaching practices mingle to empower learners. 

 The Virtual Library as a Learning Hub  (Anita Brooks Kirkland 2009)

…consider the virtual library space. Is it a one way street with only information streaming out to clients? School Library websites are traditionally repositories of digital data. They need to be transformed into collaborative multi-way spaces in which to work, learn, create, play, and celebrate just like in the physical commons. (Loertscher, Koechlin Rosenfeld and Zwaan 2011)

Ponder the challenges and possibilities.........

  • How do we create a giant conversation about teaching and learning?
  • What do our students need?
  • What do our teachers need?
  • Who else will benefit from a VLC?
  • How can the VLC advance 21st Century teaching and learning?
  • How can the VLC contribute to school improvement?