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Sugar gliders, when cared for properly, make wonderful pets. They are endearing, loving, intelligent, and fun! I have been owned by sugar gliders since 2001 and I must say, they are a huge part of my life. Taking a glider into your home is a big decision and they require a lot of time and dedication. With the right family, a glider can make a wonderful companion. There is a lot to consider before adding a sugar glider to your home. New owners often find themselves overwhelmed with their new sugar glider. Researching your new pet before you bring it home is the best way to ensure you are ready to deal with anything thrown your way! Yes, owning a sugar glider can be a lot of work, but it can also be very rewarding. The bond between a human and a sugar glider is a pretty amazing thing. Just be certain of your decision because your new little friend could be with you for years to come!
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