What is Science Olympiad?

Science Olympiad is a state and national organization devoted to increasing student enthusiasm for science through practicing and competing in a variety of scientific team events. The National Science Olympiad organization creates a rule book for 23 Division B (Middle School) events annually. Schools registered with their state organizations receive the rules, and teams of 15 students are permitted to compete at competitions.

How do I learn more about Slauson Science Olympiad?
Slauson students from grades 6-8 are invited to join the SSO team, and all interested students and parents are encouraged to attend the Informational Meeting in September. New sixth graders should note that there are exciting additional challenges that middle school Science Olympiad offers beyond WESO.

SSO Timeline
 SSO Parent/Student Informational Meeting
October  Olympian Registration
November  Event Practices Begin
Jan/Feb  Invitational Tournament(s)
 Regional Competition *
 State Competition @ Michigan State University *
May  National Competition **
* Only if we qualify (top 2-3 teams in Regional are invited)
** Only if we qualify (top 2 teams in State are invited)


Visit the National Science Olympiad Website: http://soinc.org.
Visit the Scioly Student Resource Center: http://scioly.org.
Email slauson.sso@gmail.com.