On 3Kingdoms, my main was Slash, so I'm choosing that identity to represent my presence on 3Scapes as well. However, I have many alts (this list is maintained manually and subject to being out-of-date):
  1. Lesion - Level 53, Glevel 32 Warder [UA - align]
    Magician 29, Boxer 4
    This was my original reason for coming to 3Scapes (as soon as I heard about it; after that I mostly stayed for unlimited alts and nobreak armour and better bootruns; now I stay for the atmosphere of development/etc). I had played back in the day so  it was a bit of reminiscing. I joined before the recode. He has level 10 Aligning the Matrix. No he doesn't have crazy vafs and isn't able to change his setup to whatever he wants. I do, however, wish I could change his specialty. With the multiple recodes and requirements changing, I now face a lot of time stuck in a single form (which I was avoiding as I advanced past the previous gquest requirements - spreading out time between forms), so now I feel a little  trapped when I play him (in reality the time requirements are likely not that bad if I really cared to improve this alt). At first he was focusing on maxing most of his remaining skills before starting his run to glvl 40, but now I'm thinking of going to at least 34 or 36 before resuming that (though really I rarely log him except to align gear now).
    SOFT LIMITER: SP (not so much a limiter really, but it directly relates to how hard a warder can exert using healing and/or spell damage)

  2. Scythe - Level 84, Glevel 96 Spirit Elemental
    Assassin 57, Mystic 54, Toxicologist 19
    (if he did nothing but party, I'd trade Mystic for Tactician, but as it stands I like the extra sp too much;if he did nothing but solo, I'd trade Assassin for Contortionist; perhaps Cult Leader/BGH for partying? maybe Hypnotist)
    Although I've been focused a lot on trying to make his soloing feasible, he is big Spirit and will hit decently in a party. His one downside at the moment is that his resolve isn't 100% (resolve meaning focusing on a single damage type - which means he currently isn't a good choice for areas that punish certain damage types). Click on him to see his current resolve (as of last update). During the last free stat reset he dumped all his stat xp into levels (in order to take advantage of the Elemental gear-use system), so he's still sitting on a lot of available stat slots (which also means he has available growth in whatever direction I wish to take him... especially more defense or more dmg). I wouldn't mind getting his damage up and get in parties, but I feel like he's not Time yet and I seem to solo mostly, so not much point yet. As an almost max emit Spirit, he's hitting hard (not quite as hard as Arthas or Jadis yet, but he has easier growth available still I think), but has NRG problems on big fights. Right now it seems he either has more than enough NRG in a fight or he's starved for half the fight. I blame the elemental gobj's system of recovering NRG. I'm sure uberelementals have less of a problem with this since they'll have a bit more mani (probably each mani is a fairly huge effect), have a bigger pool and hit so hard that the big time between drains is decreased. But really it's how energy draining works, so if we could get it improved somehow that would be a better solution than 'just get bigger' I think (the mud is always growing, so it's possible that the mud could outgrow even uberelementals' ability to 'overpower' the current drain mechanic (I call it overpower because they're gaining strength until the drawback is no longer an issue)).
    SOFT LIMITER: NRG (on long fights he needs to dial down his emit (or use minimally draining emit if out of NRG) to last until the next energy drain)

  3. Filae - Level 80, Glevel 68 Divine Angel [UA - soulforge]
    Sadist ?, Contortionist ?, Boxer ?, Hooligan ?
    (No real reason he's a Hooligan. Mostly because I was trying to have one alt with each major prof at one point and can't really be bothered to switch him to anything else.)
    Oberon's upgrades have been great. Although in most ways we play very similarly to the way we did before (an example of a difference would be that consecrate is now meant/able to be used a lot more often, making it more of a regular boost than something you save only for rough fights), we do everything better. Possess 'running out' does so much more nicely now (time is front-loaded, so you have more breathing room/etc). We do still have a few of our old considerations yet (example: being fairly locked in on damage types based on your ideal possess(es)). I hope Transcending gets put in. The guild seems designed around it being part of the guild. Not to mention I'd like to try out the Fallen soulforge and I'd prefer to have that available for my current Angel rather than having to make a second Angel alt.

  4. Arthas - Level 90, Ordained (Tier 3) Lich Necromancer
    Mystic 71, Magician 56, Hypnotist 16, Pyromaniac 44, Anatomist 63
    (He still sucks back corpses over the long term as a hitter in parties, so I have to stockpile corpses in my house when I play him just to make sure. If I ever overcome his need for corpses (when hitting behind someone) to a reasonable degree (maybe once I get psibleed :P), I'd drop out Magician, probably for Assassin. If I could, I'd drop out Mystic for more damage as well. I have Anatomist pretty much for thematic reasons. It's a pain to use in parties (if only there was a way to store up uses or analyses to use later, or 'use' them ahead of time but the effect doesn't get granted until a 'real' use). I'll probably drop Pyromaniac for something once hypnotist is no longer blocking, but not until I figure out what I would like more.)
    He's maxed schools of e/b/flame/lightning/psionic (acid and energy are the 2 schools I'm thinking about maxing - I've already started on acid but I think I want power more atm (though I'd love to have cold maxed too just for the lich theme) which will probably take a long time unless he gets a spell star reset or something.). His necrogram is maxed on mental stats so he tanks poorly but hits well. I'm finally starting to get a bit more room to fix physical stats (almost all are at non-penalty levels now), and loving Ordainment (100% deathsave is a game-changer really). I kind of hate the progression mechanics of Ordainment though (having to macro to a room in the guild to measure progress in 10% increments is a crappy feeling... I much prefer advancement grind broken up into pieces and this feels like great big chunks that I can't even see... gotta be the worst way possible). And there's no real helpfiles/extra information other than the public info file on Ordainment. But it's still phenomenal cosmic power. And with good gear I'm starting to feel better about his soloing (though if I push past a certain point I start feeling the burn). If not for the fact that I have other forms' abilities to look forward to, I would have a really hard time with ordained advancement I think. Having no goals and just grinding out more power is not very exciting to me.

    If I could ask anything for necro-coding, it'd be to give something extra to break up advancement (eg. omegas on 3k) and make ordained advancement more 'friendly' (make an ordained gscore showing progress and detailing any special abilities/commands/bonuses). I'm still not quite sure how I feel about our results from the mudwide Phase1/2 adjustments (I feel like some guilds definitely seemed to make out better (though we didn't get any power adjustment, just more gxp speed), but I'm only Tier 2, so maybe further tiers will change my mind). Perhaps give ordainment a points system and allow purchasing of other benefits that have come around in the past (just thinking of vafs, but the guild is complex enough that I'm sure there are plenty of options; could also make tier benefits like this I suppose, but I don't have the opinion that they need to be 'fixed' really (though more choice would be nice of course)).
    It seems like all necromancers have to offer a party is raw damage (unlike most other hitters nowadays), so if they lack any utility outside of damage, then they should make up for that lack by being ahead of the pack in damage.

    I often think my other hitters are comparable to him, but then I play him again and I feel that his raw damage is better than I remember. As a lich he's less susceptible to being locked into few damage types too. He doesn't really suffer endurance problems per se, but he does consume corpses so as long as I get a share, or have a nice stockpile in reserve, there's no problem. Seeing as how witches have a unique way of dealing damage, it's hard to compare, especially on large foes when it's difficult to tell just by how much their health is dropping (witch would seem to have the advantage in theory, given how invokations work), but they seem pretty comparable.

  5. Slash - Level 69, Glevel 38 Gentech [UA - weaponsmith]
    Assassin ?, Sadist ?, Swordsman ?, Big Game Hunter ?, Weaponsmith ?
    (Right now I'm experimenting a bit with using sadist and popping out my multi-dmg weapon with a high wc weapon when it procs. Previously I had Tactician.)
    Slash 1.0 was more or less an offensive Gentech build. This Slash I'll be trying a heavy defense build. His tanking is up there with/near my top alts, but his offense is almost exclusively dependent on melee, so I need to get some strategic offensive slots to boost this up a little. Also, given the changes to bias, I'm still tempted to have an offense-heavy build and try to play both sides, but I'd rather try to see things from a different perspective in the guild.

    Having timescan (indicates how close a room's natural reset is) and timeslide (force an unnatural room reset (doesn't affect the natural reset, limited to 2 slides per time period)) make his bootrunning so much  more serene, but I need to get his dmg up so I can compete better in the 'race' before I can get more of the truly great gear (not counting the insane tanking situations). Right now, when serious about bootrunning, I'll start my brun with a better alt, but switch to Slash to take advantage of these abilities after the initial 'race'.

  6. Kami - Level 69, Glevel 40 Priest of Solaris (good) [UA - ftouch, weaponsmith]
    Assassin ?, Tactician ?, Swordsman ?, Weaponsmith ?
    (Once Slash's weaponsmith passes Kami's, I may drop Kami's for Marshal (though don't really care if I keep it either). I'd probably take Cult Leader as a second spec prof, since I'd probably only play him to party anyway.)
    Kami is primarily my ftouch/weaponsmith alt. Currently he can nobreak Precious Stone, but not 6-Fingered Sword (to give an idea of his current wc limits). I don't play him solo a lot because I usually feel pressured to play as an Ascended-leash when I do (and regardless of how automated it may be, I feel like I have to watch every round (regardless of how poor my reaction instincts may be) which is quite stressful). That being said, when I do play him (barring ftouch brun), it's often to help out an Ascended. It looks like priests got some fairly good improvements, so maybe I'll play around with them and see how they feel. GXP is considerably less of a kick in the nads now it seems (while partying).

  7. Marauder - Level 50, Glevel 31 Gnome/31 Salamander Juggernaut
    Assassin ?, Mystic ?, Reforger ?
    (If I developed gnome and ignored sally, I'd drop assassin for contortionist, I'll take puppet master for tank dmg, but not sure what my 2nd spec prof would be - hypnotist?)
    Just made this guy since I view juggers as having some play-style versatility, and my philosophy behind alts on 3S is to have as many different ones as possible to keep my playstyle options as open as possible. I wanted to have a decent tanking alternative that actually has a defend command (especially coming from a Gentech background). I've hardly played him since opening my next alt slot however.

  8. Highway - Level 50, Glevel 46 Gallant Bard
    Assassin ?, Tactician ?, Reforger ? (would take swordsman)
    I have hardly touched him since opening my next slot. However, I'll be keeping him around for utility (corpse summon, or aiding a priest in big parties, etc). I didn't feel he was all that bad power-wise, but I never really pushed him hard (mostly just grinding) and I don't have any real knowledge of the high-end. Also, maintaining defenses and dealing with shield-use/etc is a real pain. Of course when Bards get recoded into Rogues my feelings may totally change. I really like the advantages that stealth bring to Fremen, and if Rogues get anything comparable I'll likely enjoy them (not to mention it's Oberon making them so they'll likely be pretty fun).

  9. Baal - Level 50, Glevel 11 Sii [UA - harmonize]
    Mystic ?, Boxer ?, Reforger ?
    No relation to any past Baals. I merely chose this name since Sii have similarities to Goa'uld, so I wanted a Goa'uld name. At one point there was a gxp adjustment/upgrade and he got over a glvl out of it (I do lots of missions, so it must have been that), so I feel like I don't know my forms well at all (haven't gotten to play with a bunch to get to know them). I feel like I don't know this guild very well at all, partially because of the secrecy/theme-y double-speaking helpfiles/etc, so it's hard to know exactly how I can contribute (though Sii damage is pretty nice in general). I'm not a fan of the Sii tanking style, though it is pretty interesting (and he has been starting to be able to solo a little decently).
    HARD? LIMITER: Concentration (not sure how much this comes into play, probably very manageable if the Sii gets to suck on a corpse here and there)

  10. Karma - Level 105, Glevel 177 Fedaykin Fremen [UA - reforger]
    Assassin 72, Sadist 75, Big Game Hunter 55, Daredevil 68, Reforger 77
    One of my favorite alts to play, especially if I want to casually grind with low attention (being able to hide whenever not in combat is a huge relaxation boost in some cases, not to mention the focus on sustainable combat for the most part). His damage on relatively low ac mobs is comparable to Arthas I feel, but I haven't tried to compare them on tougher mobs. He is a sadist and exclusive knife wielder (so dmg types are a little inflexible). He's able to handle Donuts fine.
    SOFT LIMITER: Water (lack of water doesn't completely stop a fremen, but they perform better with it; hitting hard tends to drain water quickly)

  11. Jutsu - Level 50, Glevel 116 Mage
    Assassin ?, Tactician ?, Reforger ?
    (Daredevil and Big Game Hunter for spec profs once he can)
    This guy is fun enough, I just have so many alts. I'm feeling kind of bummed with lacking good damage types to play in some of the areas I'd like to (and am perfectly capable of otherwise) though. There's not a lot in mages that define them from other guilds really (I feel; bunch of unique utilities that I can live without, low gear-dependence I suppose, but also forced downtime blech, not to mention I never feel quite safe tanking as a mage).
    HARD LIMITER: Concentration/Saturation (they have some tools to help though, and can train skills to improve stamina, but still a very hard limit)

  12. Jackie - Level 50, Glevel 44 Monk
    Mystic 54, Hypnotist 28, Reforger 43
    I want this guy high enough (glevel 48?) to train dodge. Although monks have always had a special place in my heart (always loved playing monk-type guilds when I first found mudding), the guild feels lackluster to me, and lacks some of the fun aspects I easily find in other guilds, so I sadly doubt I'll keep playing him much once he reaches this point. Plus, forced downtime blech. Big monks are very capable, I just don't want to face the grinding (I'm hoping maybe some partying on bigger mobs might alleviate the grind a little, but I'd probably need a forgiving tank since I don't think his damage is THAT great ).
    HARD LIMITER: Peace (it's rather bad, generally worse than piety; you do recover it quickly out of combat (meditating), and you get a reserve once per reset that you can spend on recovering peace in combat)

  13. Jadis of Charn - Level 61, Glevel 73 Witch, 200 Herbcraft [UA - transmuter, potions]
    Mystic 58, Brawler 32, Transmuter 32
    (will be dropping brawler (once my 2nd spec prof slot opens) and picking up cult leader, big game hunter and hoarder (assuming I drop STR stat); I may want to make Jadis a Herbalist since I don't have one yet (and it's appropriate for a witch) and I'd like to have one of each major, but I also don't have any other Transmuters)
    Witches are a great unique guild. Originally I focused on defensive skills and these are all very high (all at cap, and about 3/4 max). He can tank lvl 4 Aegis fairly effortlessly (provided decent gear/ritual setup; bots will drain a bit and need some regen every several bots; lvl 5 zombies are fine too). Witch tanking feels rather sensitive in certain ways, and I feel like they're probably setup to not be great tanks in the long run, so lately I've been focusing on getting him to be a valuable asset in a party instead. Priority is getting invoke damage up (13 round invokes now, dmg seems to average out to be similar to my necromancer atm), then making sure I have at least one category of blessings that are maxed to offer partymates (I was originally thinking Clear Roads, but I think a lot of people jump on that, so any multi-witch party there'd be redundancy (I think only the best CR blessing on a person will work), so now I'm thinking of doing the stat blessings instead, which would still allow for plenty of benefit to a tank even if they have no CR), and lastly (for party asset consideration at least) pumping up my hex strength.

  14. Funball - Level 50, Glevel 32 Teepo Paladin Jedi
    Armor Expert ?, Hypnotist ?, Reforger ?
    Had to try out force deflection, though the implementation was totally not what I was expecting. Jedi seem to have potential, but really there doesn't seem to be much that sets them apart from other guilds (plenty of power, and I'm sure darkies hit like a truck) so while I like the theme, I don't see myself grinding this alt up, especially given that they have a limiter.
    HARD LIMITER: Concentration and possibly Saturation

  15. Odo - Level 40, Glevel 102 Changeling
    Mystic ?, Boxer ?, Reforger ?
    (Mystic so he's more free to use adrenalize and hyperproliferate to further tweak his abilities. I may make him a Golem Master if I can be bothered.)
    I can't believe this name wasn't taken yet. Mostly just competing my alt collection as I feel like this guild is the opposite of exciting (they seem to get to the point where there's nothing left except grinding more power rather quickly, most guilds let you have other kinds of goals for a long time). It does allow for somewhat broken up advancement, which I like, and I do like guilds that give a sense of infinite advancement rather than setting harder (looking?) caps. It's also nice having the option of a no-gear alt, but generally low-gear alts are perfectly capable of relieving any brun pressure if I feel like avoiding it.
    HARD LIMITER: Stamina (though a changeling could just stockpile bioplasts)

  16. <future> - I don't have an alt in reserve for Marines yet, but I guess they'd be next. Odo is still blocking new alts.
Current (3S) goals:
  • Kami
    • I've never had a priest high enough for the uberpriest abilities (empower?)... it would be nice to have access to. Priests seem like they can be quite capable (minus serious damage) too.
  • Jackie
    • He needs to get to glevel 48(?) so he can train dodge 4. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but this alt feels painfully grindy atm. I don't think it's really that bad, I just don't want to play him, but want this goal out of the way, so I keep trying to force myself to play him. Despite this, monks have a lot of potential, so if I can get past this feeling he could be a worthy alt.
  • Odo
    • He needs to get to level 50 to prevent blocking new alts once Marines (or anything else new) opens. *HOLDS BREATH* (no not really). I never even got to try the old 3K marines so I have no idea what I'm missing. I went on break from 3K for like half a year or something to try some new MMO, and bam, once I came back they were already closed.
  • Alts I'm likely to not care about playing in the future (although some of these alts do hold interest for me, so anything's possible):
    • Filae, Funball, Highway, Jackie (past glvl 48), Jutsu, Kami, Lesion (the gxp upgrade would help me get his training powered through pretty quickly, but nah), Marauder (juggers are certainly rocking right now, but I have better tanking alts currently, so it'd be some work to get him up to snuff... I'd rather just be tagging along as a hitter I think... though maybe I should at some point, just to be capable of learning/experiencing some of the content I'm less likely to otherwise), Odo (I'll probably stop playing him entirely once he's not blocking alts anymore).
  • Generally enjoyable alts I probably prefer to play atm:
    • Karma, Slash, possibly Filae if I feel like being anti-social and just want to solo/grind for a while. I could also go Marauder if I want to take advantage of Juggernaut's current pedestal.
      • Karma was raising low skills for a while for the very slight boosts in gxp from glevels. However I think I'm just going to focus on the Fedaykin strengths and specialize in those skills. Fremen are so relaxing to play when just wanting to casually grind out xp/gxp. And their advancement methods break things up pretty nicely into smaller chunks.
      • Slash tanks fairly on par with my best tanking alts now (not as much leeway/buffer, but also able to advance defense quicker atm), but his dmg is feeble. Have to work on that especially given his access to timescan and timeslide, so that I can rely more exclusively on him for bruns. It also feels like he could just shoot to GHC rather quickly. He doesn't need a party currently to make decent gxp, so I'm not stuck having to tank for others.
      • Filae needs Wings+, and probably more training in Duro. He advances at a decent rate still, but I feel like it's less relaxing to try and hold on to a possess (just a feeling, the actual process is extremely fair and forgiving, but if I get distracted and don't actively play for 10 minutes, I feel more like I'm wasting valuable time), so less relaxing than some of my other alts. So I actually like this alt quite a bit, but I find myself rarely playing him.
      • Marauder is quite behind my other solo/tanks, but I'm sure he could catch up quick enough. It's nice to tank for someone and have a tool like cdefend. Not always a fan of being so dependent on gear, but there are certainly boots where I've managed to get some good gear and he'd be a great alt to spend some time on.
    • Jadis or Arthas or possibly Scythe... maybe even Baal, if I want to hit beside someone (or build up my repertoire).
      My estimation of my hitters' abilities =
        1. Jadis (given the nature of invokation, I'm putting Jadis above Arthas; on smaller mobs where I can get a better idea, they're pretty even, which must mean that Jadis comes ahead on bigger mobs (less ac coming off of damage); also, Jadis doesn't need much sp regen to have infinite stamina as a hitter (and can just use regen rituals if necessary), where Arthas still needs a supply of corpses (not hard, just some extra prep though); also Jadis has more damage types and so is a bit more flexible (7 types vs 5 types))
        2. Arthas. (I feel like his damage should be ahead of Jadis, and even though it's very comparable in general, I'd have to rate Jadis higher (they'd probably be equal if I just considered damage without ac considerations) - I'm hoping tiers address this satisfactorily, otherwise: Jadis does more damage, Jadis has way more party utility (mob debuffs, player buffs, potions), and really I'd rate Jadis's defense better than Arthas's too (in general/relaxed tanking - Arthas can tank higher without sacrificing offense by burning corpses, but to exceed Jadis's tanking he'd have to burn corpses wastefully really))
        3. Scythe (dmg type flexibility (all types except energy, though he does have a small chance of random dmg types (see his page for current)), his dmg is quite good, but his biggest problem is having to downgrade his damage to conserve stamina when fighting big mobs) - although I rate Scythe lower, his dmg is close to Arthas (provided he doesn't downshift), and I feel more like I am able to improve Scythe (have a fair bit of intensity left to raise, no problems raising his prime dmg stat, hasn't hit 100 in his current form yet) quicker than Arthas (who can only get slow tiers or possibly slow INT (prime dmg stat, but it's already maxed (with boosts) on necrogram when I want to improve other stats that are low on necrogram))
        4. Karma (this is mostly a guess as to where Karma lies, his damage is great on low ac (comparable or even better than Jadis/Arthas), but doing edged during non-sadist times against high ac would be a bit worse of course (just under 100rds on assemblers), though he does have some innate armor penetration; he also has issues with limited dmg types; I also don't have a good feel for how much of an impact low water has on his damage (doesn't bother me much when soloing, but I also don't care much about ttk then either))
        5. (don't play Baal enough to know where he lies, but Sii are a good hitting/support guild)
      • Jadis solos relatively solidly now (can handle a 200-300k, though kills them rather fast - most things he solos he kills in one invoke now/lucky to get a 2nd one in (or at the edge of what he can casually tank)). Other than the desire to shorten his ritual-powerup time (and maybe add a couple rituals to that), I'm trying to boost his usefulness in parties right now. His invoke is hitting like a fair-sized truck (about 3/4 of the damage skills trained). After that I'll likely focus on a single blessing category (first) and probably boost my hexing capabilities as well.
      • Arthas mostly has the other form powers to look forward to. Other than that it's pretty much just grinding out more tiers for power/spell stars. In 2 tiers he can pick up Power, but it'd take another 7 tiers to max it (tier 12) assuming I save up stars in the meantime (or max Corrosive at tier 9 if I ignore Power). At the moment I'd prefer Power, but it's a long way away.
        His solo-ability has improved with ordainment, but really I feel like the guild could use a bit of love. Each tier I get seems somewhat of a letdown (I keep waiting for a big jump in power to make it all worth it (don't get me wrong, there are definite bumps in strength, just not the changes I hope for... it'll all add up eventually)). In the meantime I guess I just keep soloing Aegis zombies and stockpiling corpses in case someone wants damage and there's noone else on.
        Hopes for future tier rewards: remove reagent requirements (not hard to deal with, especially in a qtrancing/teleporting guild), corpse sorting (another QoL issue), autocall... umm maybe a star reset.
      • Scythe isn't Time yet. Clearly this is unacceptable. Plus I've never done it before. And he doesn't feel that far off (though my tanks would rather me play alts that can dps without the stamina problems, but on less huge targets (<10mil iirc) he performs fine).
      • Baal - Sii have great party abilities, so I could see myself trying to play him a bit if I ever get in the mood (I'm not a huge fan of guilds that try to be mysterious about how they work). He's also getting into the zone of being able to solo quite well. I think in general I'd prefer the flexibility of other guilds, or knowing clear-cut what my abilities/contribution really are (but that would come with more experience playing him too).
My alts on 3Kingdoms are: Slash, Lesion, Arrow and Funball.