SlapYak's LED Bass Guitar
Creation of my LED color-changing Bass

The starting Bass - (google image search photo)

Routing out the cavity for the plexi


Flat Black spray paint to color the exposed wood.


Starting to place the LEDs in the grooves


Prototyping the board. 24 LEDs


The cell phone camera makes the light far less diffuse that it truly looks in person... Hopefully Video of the color changes should be up later.

To Begin:
Go to Guitar Center and buy the cheapest bass you can. In my case this happened to be a leftie Ibanez GSR something or other (even though I'm right-handed. It was $88. Great start...

Decide on the area you want to replace with the Plexi to be illuminated.  I'd say about 1 1/2" from the edge of the top. If your guitar has the same slope on the bottom, I'd recommend staying away from that.

Take the router and be Effing careful. I just eye-balled my design into the bass. It turned out really well, but could be better if you took the time to make a jig.

Create the space for the wires. I used a large keyhole type router bit.

Assuming your circuit is all set up go ahead and lay in the LEDs and wiring. Hot glue works well for holding everything in place.

Cut the shape for the infill from Plexi. Accuracy is key. Once the shape is right  - frost it and make another - frost that one to make the light more diffuse (and to cut down on fingerprints).

I replaced most of the original guitar parts  - Bartolini pickups and a 250k tone pot went in.

Then the LED circuit and batteries and Guitar electronics went back in.  Pictured Below  - Tone, Volume, On/Off toggle, program up and down buttons.

The LED control is just a few programs and uses Pulse-width-modulation to control fading and color selections. You can use whatever you want to control these. This isnt really meant to be a tutorial, just a prototype and how it worked out.

I'm working on a custom body with more, lower power consumption LEDs integrated a little better to illuminate the face more uniformly. When that is near completion. I'll include a more in depth tutorial (with pics from a camera, not a cell phone) on both the circuiting/programming and construction.

This version will be for sale, I'll also build them for you if you want. Turn-around time is 2 weeks and price would depend on the feature set/bass/bass electronics you'd want.