Waves Workshop - January 15, 2011

The January meeting will be held at Kirkwood High School on January 15th. We will have social time with coffee and pastries at 8:30 and  Kirkwood's Freshman Physics Waves unit will be shared with all.  

This is a four to six week unit designed for freshman.  It is based on the Modeling waves units, but incorporates only two models - mechanical waves in one dimension and the wave model of light.  We address all the basics of waves that are in the state CLE's in this unit.  

Participants will work through an introductory lesson from the unit that utilizes slinkies, video, simulations and ripple tanks; then have time to interact freely with the labs, demonstrations and simulations that teach the rest of the unit.  Participants will receive a CD with all of the materials, including videos, worksheets, labs, quizzes, tests and simulations.  
We will wrap up the meeting at noon so everyone can enjoy lunch on their own and enjoy their three day weekend.

Jim Cibulka is running the workshop.  Please RSVP to him at
See you on January 15th!