PVC Music Workshop - February 12, 2011

Place:  Parkway Central High School (room TBD)
Time:  8:00 a.m. - 12:00
Led by Bob Brazzle, this unit on sound and waves is embedded within a 5-6 week project in which small groups of students construct a musical instrument from common materials. Students learn the Wave in a Box model of resonance through an authentic process of scientific inquiry, and then see a variety of applications across many branches of Physics. The unit culminates with a performance assessment: each group must play the first four measures of the song, "Somewhere over the Rainbow"; and the frequency of each note is measured for accuracy. So all learning is contextualized, and nobody asks, "When are we ever going to use this?" In the workshop, participants will engage with the activities from the unit. All activities involve inexpensive materials or equipment you probably already have. Participants will receive a CD containing all the files from the unit as well as plans for making your own instrument (pan pipes, PVC trumpet, copper pipe flute, EMT pipe xylophone, etc.) Please complete the sign up form located HERE, or linked below, in order to register for the workshop.   Or contact Bob Brazzle if you have further questions.  Bob Brazzle: bobbrazzle@yahoo.com .   Jen Meyers is hosting the venue, Parkway Central High School: jmeyer3@parkwayschools.net