Welcome to Spring Lake High School's Survey of American Literature's New Textbook!

When confronted with my one section of Survey of American Literature in the last three years, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if I handed the class--more or less--over to the students. 

I posed a "Would You Rather" question:

Would you rather read pieces of literature and respond to them in quizzes and tests and papers?
Would you rather make a textbook that is more accessible to teens?

The answer is this website. This is our textbook. For you.

The process started with a purpose. By creating content for an audience, we were able to--
  • gain a deeper understanding of individual pieces of literature
  • show relevance of literature to our own generation
  • learn technological advances which will help us in the future
  • practice collaboration, the seed of good work
Next, we developed a goal: 
  • We will create an American Literature website for teens which reflects the growth and change of American culture by investigating a wide range of texts.
We think we've accomplished that. But, we also think--no, we know--we've left out other major American authors and their pieces. The reason we landed on a website--instead of a book or an eBook--is because we know this project needs to continue. There needs to be more categories. There needs to be more literature. There needs to be more interactivity. 

So--any takers? If so, drop me an email at dtheune@springlakeschools.org

Until then, enjoy what we produced for you in our 12-week term.

Our best, 

Survey of American Literature
Spring Lake High School
Spring 2015