Industry Basics: The Petroleum Industry

Introductory resources for learning more about the petroleum industry

Adventures in Energy: Oil & Natural Gas - From Well to You
From API. Find out what happens when supply and demand for petroleum-based products occur in different locations around the globe and how tankers play a vital role in supplying America’s energy needs. Take a tour through the inner workings of a refinery, which turns crude oil into a wide variety of essential products such as gasoline, propane, heating oil, diesel, and jet fuel.  See the contributions of pipelines and tanker trucks in delivering petroleum products to today’s consumers.

From Total.
Classroom Energy
From the American Petroleum Institute.
Energy Lessons: Learning About Fossil Fuels (For Younger Students) 
From U.S. Dept. of Energy - Fossil Fuels Division. Covers coal, oil and natural gas.
Fossil Energy Study Guides and Activities
From U.S. Dept. of Energy - Fossil Fuels Division. study guides at the elementary, middle and high school levels covering coal, oil and natural gas.
From PetroStrategies, Inc.
Oil Safari
Chicago Tribune Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Paul Salopek and video producer John Owens take you on an Oil Safari tracing the flow of gasoline reaching one convenience store back to its crude oil sources, located in the most hostile corners of the world. With unparalleled access to Marathon Oil facilities, data and people, the Chicago Tribune was in search of the cost to produce gasoline. These videos help explain what it takes to bring gasoline to your local convenience store.
From the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Energy Information Administration
The Story of Oil and Natural Gas
Produced by the American Petroleum Institute
The energy behind finding energy (DVD)
The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board's full-length documentary takes a comprehensive look at the amazing process of finding and producing oil and natural gas. This DVD provides insights on the far-reaching impact that petroleum-related products have on daily lives - and the immense collaborative efforts that make it possible. Hosted by funnyman, Mark Steele, this creative, two-part production entertains as it educates.
Makin’ Hole: How Oilwells are Drilled (DVD)
Ever wondered how a drilling rig drills a well? In easy-to-understand language and pictures, it explains the basics of seismic exploration, site preparation, and rigging up. The camera then visits a land rig and follows a crew through the process of drilling a well, including making a connection, tripping in and out, and routine drilling operations. The DVD covers both land and offshore drilling operations. 1999, 23 minutes.
Profile: The Petroleum Industry (DVD)
Deep beneath the ground, oil and gas formed from organic matter. Now, millions of years later, the petroleum industry hunts and digs up the hydrocarbons planted there so long ago. Through the eyes of an investigative reporter, this interesting and easy-to-understand presentation gives viewers a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the petroleum industry, including drilling on land and offshore, production operations, transport, storage, and refining operations.
The Petroleum Industry: A Nontechnical Guide (Book)
Published by PennWell. Everything from upstream to downstream is covered in this nontechnical overview of the petroleum industry. Organized in a natural chronology, the text begins with the geology and origins of oil and gas formation and moves through the techniques used to find, drill and produce oil. The author then moves the reader through clear explanations of downstream issues, including storage, transportation, and marketing as well as refining and petrochemicals. Special attention is given to the differences between onshore and offshore processes.