Popular economics

Some of my favourite econ-related blogs and podcasts.

  • Marginal revolution.  The gold standard of econ blogging.  Written by Tyler Cowen and Alex Taborrak it manages to cover almost every interesting econ related story with multiple posts a day.
  • Chris Blattman's blog.  Development focussed blog.
  • The Conversable Economist.  Written by the managing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives.  Posts are longer and more thorough than typical blog entries.
  • Planet Money.  A co-production of NPR and This American Life.  Always entertaining without being shallow.
  • Freakonomics.  
  • Slate money.  A typical Slate "gabfest" co-hosted by Felix Salmon.  The hosts have an annoying left-wing certitude that is typical of Slate. 
  • EconTalk.  A wonky one hour interview conducted by Russ Robert of George Mason U.  Sometimes it is as boring as it sounds, other times it can be interesting (at least for econ nerds).  Often devolves into an Austrian economics discussion group.