Welcome to the Salt Lake Actuarial Club home page!

The Salt Lake Actuarial Club has over 80 members representing 20+ companies in and around the Salt Lake valley. 

Club meetings are usually held in downtown Salt Lake about two times per year.  The general forum is lunch with a speaker.  We have enjoyed a wide range of topics from medical malpractice to captive insurance.  This panoply of topics has helped broaden our perception of the local actuarial landscape. 

Meetings also include the annual election of officers.
  The term "election" is used loosely.   Usually the call for new officers is met with a long and awkward silence after which someone reticently volunteers.  Ideally, one new officer is chosen each year who will rotate through the offices of 2nd vice president, vice president, president, and past president over a four year period. 

The club welcomes all who have an interest in actuarial science to join us at our meetings and hob-nob with the mathematical elite
.  If you excel at Excel, count cards at casinos, love the feng shui of PVFP = PVFB, or know the punchline to "What do you get when you cross a Poisson with a Gamma?" then you belong with us. 

For more information about the club, feel free to contact any of our current officers.

You might be an actuary if...
-A coworker in marketing asks if you saw the latest SNL video on YouTube and you were disappointed because you thought you were going to learn something new about the Standard Non-forfeiture Law.