The Spoon Collection


Why Spoons? The story.

This started off as a laugh between me and my brother in law.
We were invited to a family wedding  (our respective wives family), got incredibly drunk, and - to cut a long story short - we ended the night with a silver spoon each, lifted from the posh buffet by our own badly coordinated hands.

Since that fateful event - we have continued to 'lift' spoons. The aim was to procure a spoon from every establishment we frequent together (basically whenever our wives get together or there's a family birthday).

One notable exception to the rule was last years 'New Years Eve' bash where we succeeded in removing every single towel from the bar at a well know local pub... and a few glasses but who doesn't 'lift' those?

In the following pages you will find a photo, description and location of procurement for each spoon in our collection.

Spoon Pages:

The 'Mother Spoon' The one that started it all.

The 'Oggie Spoon'

Uncategorized spoons, thanks to my duff memory.

Mark's Spoons! - My collaborator's collection.

Click here if you're some kind of gruby foreigner who doesnt know what a spoon is.

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