What is SlackEDU?

SlackEDU is a group of educators and education professionals using Slack messaging software to build community. Slack is "a messaging app for teams to communicate in one place and integrate the tools and services you use everyday."

Why SlackEDU?

SlackEDU was started by educator Tim Monreal to explore how fellow colleagues could use Slack to build a new kind of professional learning network. 

Who can join SlackEDU?

SlackEDU is open to anyone interested in talking about education. Teachers, administrators, professors, IT professionals, parents, ed tech developers, and writers can join the conversation!  

What is the affiliation with @SlackHQ? 

None. We are a group of educators using Slack to communicate. We are not officially a part of @SlackHQ.

Is SlackEDU free?

SlackEDU is in its early stages and still an experiment. As it stays small, it is absolutely free to join by filling out this form. Once a certain number of members join, Slack charges a fee for maintaining the group. If this happens SlackEDU may look for ways to be self-sustaining.

Why do I need to give information to join SlackEDU?

Slack is traditionally used for employers. For this reason, an administrator creates the Slack room and invites members to the group. Each member of SlackEDU needs to be invited to join in a similar fashion. You're email will not be used for anything other than membership purposes. You will not be spammed.

What is the future of SlackEDU?

SlackEDU members will decide the future direction of the group. Join now to be part of the conversation.