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         A new page that will attempt to keep you informed about upcoming and recent events, new attractions or exciting changes happening around the Slabtown neighborhood. Please send a brief story and photo(s) about something you want to bring attention to that you think makes living in Slabtown interesting. You can e-mail your story to msleeman43@hotmail.com and we will report them on this page.

Slabtown  Alley Party (we need more of these, don’t we!)


       On June 29th, the 3rd annual  Cedar-Spruce alley party was in full swing during the first weekend of the Cherry Festival. Organized and hosted by Amelia Hasenorhl and Jon Welch, the neighbors congregated in the alley behind the 100 block of Cedar and Spruce streets for a neighborhood get-together. Everybody pitched in with dishes to pass, desserts, and their favorite beverages.
       What a good idea to re-connect with those you haven’t had a chance to see or talk to for awhile. But kudos to these Slabtowners for making the event a highlight of their summer. How about following their example next year with an alley or block party of your own ? Start planning now!







Cherry Tree Children’s Library
Member #6315 of LittleFreeLibrary.org
         Check out the first (that we know of) Slabtown Little Free Library, fashioned by author/writer Nancy Vogl and builder David Strange. It is located directly across from Sleder's Tavern, at 722 Randolph St. Built almost entirely with re-claimed materials, David built the structure to scale, and Nancy did the painting and decorating and created the stone chimney. Nancy also made the miniature
books used in the inside display. It is a delightful design and will appeal especially to the children of the neighborhood. The bench in front of the library can be used anytime to sit and read to your child-ren. One plus that is sure to guarantee a lot of vis-itors: it's proximity to the Dairy Lodge!
       Many neighborhood businesses chipped in to purchase new books and supplies to stock the library. Among those those contributing were Tom's Barber Shop, Sleder's Tavern, Tilley's Party Store, Ace Hardware, Bay Bread Company, Horizon Books, and the Concrete Service (too many to list them all). Kudos to those who helped make this a great new attraction for the fam-ilies of Slabtown. And thanks to Nancy and Dave for all the time and effort it took to make this happen.