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Light Pollution Links


Light Pollution on the Astronomical Society of South Australia website - by author.

Adelaide Dark Sky Group a Google forum that includes local issues (link updated 4/10/2012)

Sydney Outdoor Lighting Improvement Society an active group effecting some significant changes to outdoor lighting policies in Sydney.

Astronomical Society of Victoria - Barry Clark's intensive papers on light pollution.

Astronomical society of Australia has a list of  Designated Optical Observatories. If you facility has community value getting it designated can help with protecting it from local light pollution.


International Dark Sky Association (US) - extensive resources. Check out their library of educational info sheets

Campaign for dark skies (UK)

Dark Sky Initiative (US)  - its author pledges to stamp out bad lighting practices.

Dark Sky - Czech Republic actually have mandatory environmental lighting laws!

Globe at Night - citizen science project to monitor disappearing stars

Starlight Initiative: International conference in 2007 spawns several research papers and declarations for support of dark night skies

And of course Wikipedia's Light Pollution page


Night Sky in the World by Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute in Italy. Deals extensively with light pollution measurements using ground and satellite data. Lots of light pollution maps.

Pierantoni Cinzano's  Light Pollution in Italy

Light Pollution Affects Wildlife - Google links. We are only beginning to learn of the disruption that light pollution can inflict on the natural environment.

Light Pollution and Health - issues of lowered immunity and susceptibility to cancers

Night Lights Worsen Smog - Natural night-time break down of smog chemicals inhibited by light pollution

Over illumination can cause health and safety issues - Wikipedia.

Can Lighting Reduce My Crime Problem? (US) - some counter-intuitive findings. From Rutgers University study.

The Sky Quality Meter (US) from Unihedon measure sky brightness. Use it to determine how sky brightness is changing due to light pollution.


This on line Light Pollution Simulator illustrates how lighting installations can adversely effect the appearance of the night sky (UK)

Loss of the Night app. Be part of a worldwide science project that measure light pollution

Easy Light -Save the Sky (Italy) for the technical minded. Gives you an idea how street lighting is designed.


International Lighting Institutions that formulate lighting policies that most of us live with

Search Australian Standards for 1158, 4282 and 2560, documents for road, residential and sport lighting standards. Be aware they cost about $64 to $90 Online previews of first few pages available.