Tian Xu

Postdoctoral RA
Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology 
University of Glasgow

(Prior to this, I obtained my PhD from School of 

Computing Science, University of Glasgow.)


Contact Address:  58 Hillhead Street, Glasgow,

                                   U.K., G12 8QB


Email:              tian.xu AT glasgow.ac.uk

Research  Interests
Deep Learning        Using psychophysical methods to understand mechanisms of 
                                         face recognition in a deep neural network.
                                     Facial action unit and expression recognition from image 
Computer Vision:     Researching on how to optimize image processing algorithms 
                                        such as stereo matching for robotic vision. 
Parallel Computing: Investigating how to accelerate algorithms for real-time 
                                       applications by utilizing multi-core CPU and GPU. 

Tian Xu, Jiayu Zhan, Oliver G.B. Garrod, Philip H.S. Torr, Song-Chun Zhu, Robin A.A. Ince, Philippe G. Schyns, Deeper Interpretability of Deep Networks. (Under Review) 

Tian Xu, Oliver G.B. Garrod, Steven H Scholte, Robin A.A. Ince, Philippe G Schyns, Using Psychophysical Methods to Understand Mechanisms of Face Identification in a Deep Neural NetworkComputer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), Salt Lake City, US, 2018. [SuppMat]

Tian Xu, Oliver G.B. Garrod, Chaona Chen, Rachael E. Jack, Philippe G. Schyns, Deep Neural Network Identifies Dynamic Facial Action Units from Image Sequences. Vision Sciences Society. 2018.

Oliver G.B. Garrod, Tian Xu, Philippe G. Schyns, Understanding Information Processing Mechanisms for Face Categorizations in Deep Neural Networks. Vision Sciences Society. 2018.

Tian Xu, Oliver G.B. Garrod, Lukas Snoek, Steven H Scholte, Philippe G Schyns, Using Psychophysical Methods to Study Face Identification in a Deep Neural Network. (2017) Journal of Vision. 17. 248. 10.1167/17.10.248.

Tian XuEfficient and accurate stereo matching for cloth manipulationPhD Dissertation, University of Glasgow, 2016.

Tian Xu and W. Paul Cockshott, Evaluation of Foveated Stereo Matching for Robotic Cloth Manipulation. 11th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (VISAPP 2016), Rome, Italy, 2016.

Tian Xu and W. Paul Cockshott, Guided Filtering Based Pyramidical Stereo Matching for Unrectified Images. International Conference of Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ 2015), Auckland, New Zealand, 2015. (Best Paper Award)

Mozhgan Chimeh, W. Paul Cockshott, Susanne B. Oehler, Ashkan Tousimojarad and Tian Xu. Compiling Vector Pascal to the XeonPhi. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, pages 5060-5075, 2015.

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Tian Xu, and W. Paul Cockshott. Multi-core Efficiency Optimization for Pyramid Algorithm in Image Processing, Poster, International Computer Vision summer school (ICVSS), Sicily, Italy, July 2012