Mabee Mines

Top of West tailings pile, looking South.  You can see a pipe in the foreground.  The thing on the right that looks like a cinderblock is actually made of solid iron.

Same place, looking SW.  I am not sure if the odd growth on the snag is visible from the creek.

Looking North at the same tailings pile, from the South.  This is the slope we climbed up first.

Looking across the creek at the East Tailings pile.

Blown-in mouth of mine.

Another view.

Iron implement, with some ore.

The two pictures above are at by a sprawl of mining cart rails that were ripped out of the mine.

In the creek, looking at the East side, I believe.

A boiler on the East side.

Large crankshaft.  How large is it?

Pretty large

As you can see, there is tons of stuff on the East side.  This was outside the East mine and the Stamp mill, so it was probably the most frequently used area.

Detail on the boiler and other stuff near the flywheel.

Yet another boiler on the East side, a bit south of the Flywheel.

Strange implement somewhere on the East side.

This stuff is by the old bunkhouse.  The bunkhouse burned down, so there is nothing except the metal roof left.  Across Rushing Waters has better pictures of this area.

South of the Flywheel and the Bunkhouse is an extension of the tailings pile.  The grade of the old trail continues south from that, kind of.  But, before the trail, there is one astonishing implement.

The exhaust funnel for the stamp mill.

Looking back up the creek from the bunkhouse area.  This is probably the most valuable picture for you guys.

Shirt creek valley.