While I try to fix every bug I can, unfortunately everyone's game environment is unique, and sometimes bad things happen. Fortunately, most of the problems that may arise can now be solved yourself by using Survival Settings, and navigating to Configure -> Help -> Troubleshooting (SkyUI 4.1+ Users: The Help page has a Troubleshooting Wizard). The problems that Frostfall can attempt to solve are:
  • "I'm always wet / I never get wet / It always says "You cannot do that while swimming.""
  • "My skills are all stuck at 0."
  • "I'm stuck moving slowly."
  • "My Exposure Points won't change."
  • "I can't Fast Travel, wait or sleep."
  • It always says "You are already trying to place something."

Please let Frostfall try to solve the problem for you. If your problem isn't listed above, or happens frequently, let me know by PMing me on the boards where you downloaded Frostfall.

I cannot provide support for SkyUI or Skyrim Redone, or any other mod that Frostfall supports. Please contact their respective authors.

Expected Behavior

  • SkyUI users: Your Exposure Protection will disappear from the Inventory Menu if you press the C key, mousewheel up, or the right thumbstick (on the Xbox 360 controller), regardless of whether or not you can zoom into that particular item. This is normal and unavoidable, and was done to make the Exposure Protection disappear when zooming into items under most circumstances. Roll your mousewheel down, press the C key, press Right Thumbstick, or just exit and re-enter the Inventory Menu to bring it back.
  • Your displayed backpack items may flicker the first time you equip it. This is normal.
  • Due to the way the default Carry Weight enchantment works, Followers cannot receive a carry weight bonus from backpacks.
  • There is some clipping between backpacks and various cloaks. This is normal and unavoidable. Care was taken to attempt to avoid as much clipping as possible. I did not create the cloaks, or the backpacks. See Belt-Fastened Quivers for improving the clipping between quivers and backpacks.
  • Frost damage AOE spells do not put out campfires, and fire damage AOE spells do not light campfires. Implementing this would greatly overcomplicate the way campfires currently work.
  • If you drop a camping item near an NPC, they will occasionally try to "return" it to you even though you've already pitched your tent, set up your tanning rack, so on. This will duplicate the camping item. I don't have a very good way of fixing this without modifying the way the Story Manager works, which I don't want to do.
  • The following Papyrus log errors are expected on game load, and I cannot prevent them. They can be safely ignored.
    • Error: Property FrostfallArmor on script _de_compatibility attached to alias _DE_CompatibilityPlayer on quest _DE_Compatibility (0E0286F3) cannot be bound because alias DE_Player on quest _DE_Main_1_6 (0E015CAE) is not the right type
    • WidgetError: [_de_epstatuswidget <_DE_EPStatusQuest (0E05D368)>]: IconLoadFailure
    • WidgetError: [_de_epstatuswidget <_DE_EPStatusQuest (0E05D368)>]: IconLoadFailure

Known Issues

  • The effect (in the menus) regarding the Bound Cloaks may stack if you cast it more than once. You are only receiving the benefit once, however.
  • The player does not get wet when on horseback and swimming.

Troubleshooting (2.5 Issues)

Regarding Immersive HUD (iHUD) Compatibility:

Whether or not the new Frostfall meters will work when using iHUD is directly related to your iHUD settings regarding when the HUD displays. If you hide the HUD using iHUD, you hide the meters with it.

You have a couple of options:
  • Set your meters in Frostfall to Always On and set your HUD in iHUD to toggle ("Toggle compass hotkey"). You will see the meters whenever you press the "compass" hotkey in iHUD.
  • Set your HUD in iHUD to "SkyUI HUD ALWAYS On", and set your meters in Frostfall to Always On or Contextual. They should appear as appropriate. You can then set other iHUD parameters to your liking (alpha value of the compass, etc).
But the main point is that if you allow iHUD to hide the HUD, you hide the meters along with it, so play around with the settings on both sides and find a solution you think works best. Different people are trying to achieve different things with their HUD modifications so your needs will be unique to your personal tastes.

I found an unlit campfire in the world that I could not light.

Make sure you are attempting to HIT the unlit campfire with a torch, or using a flame spell (AoE flame spells will not work). If it should work but doesn't, this campfire may not be able to be lit because of a technical reason called an Enable State Parent, used by the game to script certain events, and this particular campfire has such an Enable State Parent, which can prevent lighting it from working.

I became a vampire, but nothing happened. I am still affected by exposure, and Vampire Exposure Immunity is On. I use <insert vampire mod here>.

Make sure that you are actually a vampire. Having Sanguinare Vampiris is not enough; you must wait the 3 days for it to progress into full-on Vampirism. Frostfall is known to work with Belua Sanguinare Revisited and Better Vampires.

I pressed Weathersense to display my meters / Weathersense Gem, but they suddenly disappeared. I use Contextual display mode.

The meters and/or the Weathersense Gem will suddenly disappear if it is already in the process of fading out. Press Weathersense again and it should display fine. There is nothing I can do to fix this.

Camping supplies are not available for purchase from general goods vendors that I've checked.

Wait up to 48 hours in-game. You may have spoken to them recently, which prevents the items from initially appearing.

Spells are not available for purchase from mages in the College of Winterhold that I've checked.

Wait up to 48 hours in-game. You may have spoken to them recently, which prevents the items from initially appearing.

Make sure that you meet the skill level requirements for them to sell you the spell. The mages at the College have skill level requirements to sell certain spells (which applies to all spells across the board that they are capable of selling).

I don't like the color choices available via the color picker when configuring the meter colors.

I did not create the SkyUI MCM Color Picker. There is nothing I can do about this.

My Exposure Protection indicator sometimes disappears from my inventory menu.

See Expected Behavior, above.

Some of the objects in the Conjured Shelter are occasionally invisible or making a weird noise / a few hours after dispelling a shelter, a conjuration effect played where the shelter used to be.

This magic stuff is very timey-wimey, spacey-wacey. It's best to not pay these things much attention. :)

I configured a meter's color, but now I want to change it back to the original color Frostfall came with.

Press the Default key when highlighting the Meter Color option.

Troubleshooting (General)

I stare up at the sky to start the mod, but nothing happens.

Verify that you received a quest notification when the game was started. If you did not, Frostfall is not running. Check your installation.

Start the mod using SkyUI instead. Open the Mod Configuration Menu, navigate to the Overview page, and then click "Not Started". Exit the menus to start Frostfall. Wait about 10 seconds and the mod will start. If you do not see a Frostfall section in the SkyUI MCM, exit the menus completely, wait 60 seconds, and try again. If it's still not there, your installation of Frostfall and/or SkyUI is incorrect.

If you don't use SkyUI, you can start the mod via console. Open the console (~ key), and type "set StartFrostfall to 1", without the quotes. Wait about 10 seconds and the mod will start. If you receive an error, you typed the command incorrectly, or Frostfall is not installed correctly.

If you are determined to start the mod the in-game way, but are having trouble: make sure that you are in first-person mode, and that it is between the hours of 7PM and 7AM in-game. Look directly up for roughly 8 seconds.

I activated the mod, but it doesn't seem to be running. / I activated the mod, but the SkyUI menu still says that the mod is not activated.

Most likely, another mod in your load order is monopolizing the Papyrus scripting subsystem. This means that Frostfall is not being allowed to run. This is an issue you will have to fix on your end.

You can try waiting up to 1 minute of real time (outside of the menu system) and see if the issue resolves itself. If not, I would try a new game with only Frostfall activated. If it suddenly starts working, another mod is interfering with its operation.

I started playing a hand-warming animation, and I got stuck. I use a controller.

You must press Ready Weapon, Attack, or Jump to exit the hand warming animation. SKSE cannot currently detect joystick inputs. Keyboard users can simply press a movement key.

W.E.A.R. / Inspect Equipment won't work ("You cannot inspect this").

Frostfall relies on other mod authors to add the appropriate keywords to all of their equipment. These are standard keywords that are found throughout the base game. If your armor isn't able to be inspected, try equipping a piece of base game armor (for instance, a set of Leather Armor from the vanilla game). If it works, your armor mod is at fault. Please see the Compatibility page for more information.

If you use SKSE in conjunction with Frostfall, Frostfall use more intelligent equipment filtering based on slot numbers. If your custom armor uses an invalid slot number, Frostfall will ignore it. This was to ensure better support with unconventional equipment mods, like Bandoliers - Bags and Pouches. See the Compatibility page for a list of invalid and valid slot numbers.

Please review all of your settings after upgrading. Your settings will be changed to default values in many cases after upgrading because the way these settings are stored has changed.

If that still doesn't solve the problem, try "clean saving". See How to "Clean Save", below.

I received an error message stating "Your game's scripting system is running too slowly in order for Frostfall to run correctly."
When placing a tent or campfire, the placement marker moves really slowly
My exposure value never changes
Weathersense / Survival Skills takes a really long time to display.

If your problem is with placing tents and other camping items, you can either try the below Skyrim.ini tweaks, or try turning off Advanced Object Placement in either the Mod Configuration Menu, Gameplay page, or in Survival Settings, Configure. Using this mode, you will just drop camping items and then click them to place them. They will always be placed perfectly flat, so try to find a flat spot to camp.

This problem can occur if your scripting system is being overstressed in the presence of several script-intensive (or inefficient) mods, or because your Papyrus section of your Skyrim.ini file has been modified with a set of non-default values that can cause issues. It can also be due to the speed of your CPU. You can try making the following adjustment to your Skyrim.ini file. If a line below is not present in your INI file, you can safely add it.

First, try using the default settings, if they have been somehow changed.


In order to increase the amount of CPU time and memory given to the script system, you can try the following. This may increase performance.


If that does not seem to fix the problem, you can try this as well. This is mostly a default configuration, with extra time given to the Update Budget values.



Please try adding these settings to your Skyrim.ini file, as this seems to have helped more than one user with this problem.

If you receive the error "Your game's scripting system is running too slowly in order for Frostfall to run correctly." only once, and not again for some time, you may be best served just ignoring it for now; you may never see it again due to a one-time occurrence. Skyrim may have needed to take over the scripting system in order to run some intensive quest wrap-up logic they may only need to occur once. If you do see the message frequently however, follow the .ini edit steps above.

It is possible that one or more mods you have installed are monopolizing the scripting system such that Frostfall is not being given the opportunity to run effectively. Note that this is a qualitative issue just as much as it is a quantitative one; it only takes one poorly written script to bring Skyrim to its knees, and running in excess of 100/200 mods (or more) will probably result in slow performance as well. Be selective about what you install!

If you are only running Skyrim, the official DLC, the unofficial patches, and Frostfall, and you are consistently receiving the script performance error message, and have followed the suggestions above, your PC may not be powerful enough to run Frostfall as well as necessary to ensure that you are able to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience. If you have tried all other possible steps, your only option would be to update to more modern hardware.

I received an error message stating "Your game's scripting system is running too slowly in order for Frostfall to run correctly.", and I think that it's annoying because it keeps appearing. Can I stop it from appearing?

Navigate to Notifications and turn off System Notifications from Frostfall's Survival Settings or MCM.

As long as your scripting system is running as poorly as it is, your Frostfall experience will be so poor that I would rather you resolve the problem instead of masking the issue by turning off the message.

To give you an idea of how poor I'm referring to: I expect Frostfall's main script to run once every 5 - 7 seconds. For this error message to appear, the primary script took over 20 seconds to run, 4 times in a row. That means that your scripting system is consistently running 4 times slower than I expect, which is not a set of circumstances that Frostfall can adapt very well to. Some variance is fine, but not that much. Please try the Papyrus settings in the previous troubleshooting item to potentially increase this performance.

It is possible that one or more mods you have installed are monopolizing the scripting system such that Frostfall is not being given the opportunity to run effectively. Note that this is a qualitative issue just as much as it is a quantitative one; it only takes one poorly written script to bring Skyrim to its knees, and running in excess of 100/200 mods (or more) will probably result in slow performance as well. Be selective about what you install!

If you are only running Skyrim, the official DLC, the unofficial patches, and Frostfall, and you are consistently receiving the script performance error message, and have followed the suggestions above, your PC may not be powerful enough to run Frostfall as well as I would like to ensure that you are able to enjoy a smooth gameplay experience. If you have tried all other possible steps, your only option would be to update to more modern hardware.

My Survival Skills / Weathersense powers disappeared.

You configured a hotkey using SkyUI for these powers. The spell powers are removed from your spells menu when a hotkey is configured. Use the hotkey instead. To get the spell powers back for whatever reason, press the button to "Default" the hotkey in the Mod Configuration Menu. The spell should return shortly.

My Survival Settings power disappeared.

You installed SkyUI recently. Use the Mod Configuration Menu instead.

I can't use camping equipment! They just fall to the ground when dropped!

Ensure that Frostfall has actually been started and is currently running.

Another mod maybe monopolizing the scripting subsystem. Check to see if this happens on a new game, or a new game with only Frostfall enabled. This is the most likely cause of the problem.

Your scripting system may just be running slowly / poorly. See above ("When placing a tent or campfire, the placement marker moves really slowly") for tips on improving Papyrus script system performance.

Try switching Advanced Placement Mode on and off and see if that resolves the issue. Your game may not be running well enough to run Advanced Placement Mode (due to the aforementioned script engine issues).

You may not have the latest version of Skyrim. Please upgrade.

Try waiting for 24 hours, in-game.

Try reloading your game.

You may have upgraded, and the process did not go smoothly. Please try "clean saving". See How to "Clean Save", below.

It has been reported that using Script Dragon (or playing with a save game that once used Script Dragon but Script Dragon is no longer installed) can interfere severely with mods that rely heavily on Papyrus events. Frostfall is one such mod. I do not recommend using Script Dragon at all. SKSE is fine. See A note about Script Dragon, below.

Your game may be pirated, cracked, or otherwise manipulated. Please buy the game and launch it through Steam or skse_loader.exe (if you use SKSE).

While it is unlikely that this is the issue, you may have your game installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim, which has been known to cause issues on Windows 7 and Windows Vista due to folder permissions issues. It is recommended that you install the game to another folder outside of Program Files. Example: C:\Elder Scrolls\Skyrim. Steam now allows you to choose the installation location when installing.

"Frostfall encountered a problem performing startup checks. Please exit the game to desktop, and try loading this game again."

If you get this message, that means a critical problem occured when Frostfall attempted to load the compatibility system. If this happens, a lot of the mod's functionality will not function. Please ensure that you meet all of the requirements listed on the Quickstart Guide. You may also try saving your game and reloading it.

If you are a Steam Workshop user, you may want to try using the Skyrim Nexus version instead. They are identical, with the exception that the Nexus version keeps the script files outside of the BSA archive, which may alleviate your issue. Some users under some (unknown) circumstances have issues loading script files that are packaged inside a BSA archive. It's rare, but it happens.

"Frostfall ran into a problem when trying to place this campsite item with Advanced Placement..."

As the message says, this is related to a latent Skyrim engine bug that no one can fix but Bethesda. Basically, my script asks for an invisible sensor (which is used to calculate the slope of the terrain) to move, and it fails to do so. If I detect that this has happened, I let you know about it so you can use the simpler placement mode (by just dropping the item and then clicking on it). This can "just happen", but in my experience, not that often (thankfully). Leaving the area through a load door or fast traveling (i.e., you must see a loading screen) seems to fix the problem.  Reloading your game will not fix the problem; you have to actually leave the area. I believe it has something to do with internal cell data not getting reset properly at run-time under certain conditions, and leaving forces this incorrect data to get purged.

If you selected "No - Don't Ask Again", and you would like to see this prompt again in the future, you can turn it back on by opening the console (~) and typing "set _DE_HelpDone_PlacementError to 1". If you receive an error, you typed the command incorrectly.

The handwarming animation does not work / stopped working.

This was a rather tricky feature to implement in the first place, so, if it works, that's great. If not, I'm not going to spend any additional development time on it since it does not contribute directly to the core gameplay mechanic.

In order to ensure the best gameplay experience, a specific set of circumstances must be true for the animation to work. You may be inadvertently violating one of the conditions listed below. Check to make sure that the following is true, or else the animation will not work:
  • You must use SKSE.
  • You must be cold (less than +20 exposure).
  • You must be close to the fire or heat source. Close enough to be warmed, and close enough for the animation to play, are two different distances.
  • You must not be swimming, jumping, or moving.
  • You must wait about 6 to 10 seconds.
  • You must not be mounted (horse, dragon, or otherwise).
  • You must have your weapons / spells sheathed.
  • You must be in 3rd person view.
  • You must not be in dialogue with an NPC.
  • You must not be sitting, lying down, crafting, or otherwise playing another animation.
  • You must not have a torch equipped. A shield is fine, however.
If you meet all of the above conditions, the animation should play.

After installing Frostfall, the weather won't change / the weather behaves in a way that I don't like / my Clear Skies shout doesn't work as I expect it to.

Frostfall does not modify weather, weather patterns, weather frequency, or the behavior of existing shouts. Your issues are originating from some other source.

I uninstalled Frostfall and now my character is stuck being wet and has all of these terrible status effects that won't go away!

You did not follow uninstallation instructions. This is not the author's fault.

You can try: Re-installing Frostfall, and use the Shutdown option from the Survivor Settings -> Configure -> Advanced -> Activate/Shutdown (SkyUI 4.1+ Users: The Overview page has the Activate / Shutdown feature.)  This procedure should remove all of these effects from your character. If that doesn't work, sorry. I'm not here to hold your hand. Read the carefully-provided instructions before you blindly uninstall something next time.

How to "Clean Save"

While there is really no such thing as a "clean save" in Skyrim as there was in previous Elder Scrolls games (many scripts and globals can "stick" in your save games no matter what you do), this procedure has helped resolve several issues, for several people.
  • Load your game.
  • (Optional) If you have items stored in a Conjured Shelter chest, conjure a shelter and remove those items from the chest now. Failure to do this will result in the permanent loss of those items.
  • Travel to an interior cell. For instance, an inn or house.
  • Shut down Frostfall in-game by using the Survival Settings power and going to Configure, Activate / Shutdown. In the SkyUI MCM, just click on the text in the Overview tab that says "Frostfall is: Enabled".
  • Exit the menus and wait 30 seconds.
  • Save your game.
  • Exit to desktop.
  • Uncheck Chesko_Frostfall.esp from your Data Files or from the NMM's Plugins tab.
  • Uncheck any other mods that directly rely on Frostfall (ex: Knapsacks Enhanced). Failure to do this will result in a crash to desktop directly after the Bethesda logo on boot-up.
  • Load your game that you just saved.
  • Wait 30 seconds. Verify that you have no Frostfall-related spells or status effects.
  • Save your game again.
  • Exit to desktop.
  • Re-check Chesko_Frostfall.esp in your Data Files or from the NMM's Plugins tab.
  • Load your game. You have successfully performed a clean save.

A note about Script Dragon

While the vast majority of users do not experience issues while using Script Dragon, there have been a handful of problems reported that point back to Script Dragon interfering with certain script events, which can lead to broken behavior in any mod, either immediately or several hours into your playthrough. This problem is not unique to Frostfall, but because of how much Frostfall relies on the scripting system to function, it is likely that it has a higher chance to expose such issues.

I have not been able to reproduce these problems myself, but there are some common elements that I have noticed across a collection of problem reports:
  • It doesn't happen to all users. In fact, this affects a very small percentage of users.
  • A pirated version of Skyrim is sometimes involved, but not always.
  • It doesn't always start affecting your experience with the mod immediately. It could happen hours into your playthrough.
  • Uninstalling Script Dragon sometimes, but not always, resolves the problem.
  • The problem can arise on a save game where Script Dragon was installed, but is now uninstalled.
  • Common symptoms include: Problems starting the mod; tents don't prompt you to pitch them, they just fall to the ground; the Exposure system stops working; you do not get a message about the exposure protection of your gear when using W.E.A.R.; Inspect Equipment does not register that you equipped something when trying to inspect it.

This can happen to mods like Frostfall which rely heavily on script events. In most (but not all) cases, removing Script Dragon resolved the issue. Using Script Dragon with Frostfall is not supported. I have contacted the Script Dragon author to resolve this issue, but the author does not seem interested in investigating the problem. For more information, see here. I will no longer answer any questions related to Script Dragon or the problems that it may cause, at all; do not ask. There is also nothing I can do to fix this problem, because I did not cause it.

Please direct all Script Dragon questions to the author, AlexanderBlade. Thank you for your understanding.

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is 100% safe to use, both in Frostfall and otherwise, and Frostfall has several important features that rely on SKSE. SKSE is not required to use Frostfall.

A note about Piracy

I'm not here to play Internet Police, but if your copy of Skyrim is pirated, cracked, or otherwise manipulated, you need to understand that you are probably going to have problems and I will be completely unable to help you if you do because you have changed the one thing in your game that I'm supposed to be able to rely on being the same across all users: the executable. This has a lot less to do with me encouraging that you throw money at Bethesda (but let's face it, for the amount of time you've probably played this game, they deserve it), and more to do with the technical issue that your copy of TESV.exe is not the same as everyone else's.

"I don't like Steam!", you say. Or, "I don't have a reliable internet connection!" I understand all of that. Unfortunately it doesn't matter. If your game is cracked, it doesn't matter why you did it, or how good of a reason you think you have for doing so; it still puts me in the same situation. If your next thought is, "But all of my other mods work just fine with a cracked copy", I would like you to stop and consider how many times I've heard that exact phrase, and how many times using a legitimate copy of the game has suddenly and mysteriously fixed the problem. Hint: it's a large number.

So please, support the developers and buy (and use) a legitimate copy of the game. A link to buy it from Amazon is provided here for your convenience. Your game, and my mods, will work better. It is possible that you will have no problems at all when using Frostfall with a cracked version of the game; good for you. If you do experience problems, however, do not ask for help. That is the indirect cost you are choosing to pay when you decide to use a cracked copy: lack of support.