While SKSE and SkyUI 4.1+ are NOT REQUIRED, they do add several new, very useful features for Frostfall users.

If SKSE is installed, the following new features will become available:

  • Better Equipment Compatibility Support: Equipment will be detected more intelligently. If you are a Bandoliers - Bags and Pouches user, this will fix a bug related to bags being detected as gloves. This will also increase support for other mods that add non-conventional equipment.
  • Dialogue Detection: Frostfall will stop exposure changes when you are in dialogue with an NPC. This can be turned off if you choose.
  • Hand Warming Animations: Your character will automatically play a warming idle animation near heatsources when your character is not fully warm. He will stand near large heat sources, and crouch or stand near small ones. This can be turned off if you choose.

If SkyUI 4.1+ is installed (which requires SKSE), the following new features will become available:

  • Exposure and Wetness Meters: These meters display contextually when your status is changing, and can be configured to a wide variety of tastes.

  • Weathersense Gem indicator, which indicates the current surrounding temperature by color. Refer to the chart below.
 Weathersense Gem  Temperature


Biting Cold
Frigid and Deadly 

  • Exposure Protection in Inventory: Displays your current Exposure Protection next to your Armor Rating and other information in your Inventory.

  • Mod Configuration Menu: All configuration will be done through the Mod Configuration Menu instead of the Survival Settings power. The Survival Settings power will be removed from your Magic Menu if SkyUI is detected by Frostfall.

  • Hotkeys for Weathersense and Survival Skills: Use hotkeys to access essential Frostfall powers more quickly. When you set a hotkey for these powers, the power will be hidden from the magic menu, which will help de-clutter your menus. To bring the normal power back, just Default the hotkey from the MCM.
  • Robust In-Game Player's Guide: Accessed on the Guide page of the MCM. Contains tons of helpful information about Frostfall within the game.