Pre-Installation Checklist and Requirements

Make sure you meet all of these criteria before installing Frostfall.

  • Backed up your save games. Always a good idea before making a major new installation or upgrade.
  • The latest, uncracked version of Skyrim. Older versions will not work. As of today (4/2/2013), this is version If your game is cracked, Frostfall will most likely have problems, and the author will not help you fix them. Stop here, go buy the game, and come back when you're done.
  • SKSE and SkyUI 4.1+ are not required, but highly recommended for certain advanced features to work.

How to Install

Skyrim Nexus users: Go to the Frostfall Skyrim Nexus page, and click Download with Manager.

Steam Workshop users: Go to the Frostfall Steam Workshop page, and click Subscribe.

To install the mod manually (Not Recommended!), extract the contents of the archive to Skyrim\Data.

Now might be a good time for you to scroll down to "STARTING FROSTFALL" for ways to start the mod in-game, read the FAQ, or swing over to the Compatibility page. Frostfall is made even better with complementary mods!

TIP - Mod Managers

It is highly recommended that you use a mod manager, such as the Nexus Mod Manager, if you are not a Steam Workshop user.

TIP - SKSE and SkyUI

To take advantage of Frostfall's more advanced features, you will need the Skyrim Script Extender and SkyUI 3.4 or newer
  • With SKSE, you can pause your exposure gain during dialogue.
  • With SKSE, certain new crafting recipies from official DLC will become available to you.
  • With SkyUI 3.4+, you can take advantage of the new Mod Configuration Menu system.
Neither SKSE nor SkyUI is required to use Frostfall.

How to Upgrade

Upgrading Frostfall (2.x to 2.6)

There should be nothing special with this upgrade. It should upgrade straight to 2.6 rather cleanly.
  • Back up your save game!
  • Uninstall Frostfall using your Mod Manager. You do not need to follow the normal uninstallation procedure; just get rid of the files.
  • Download and install Frostfall 2.6.

Upgrading Frostfall (1.6b or earlier to 2.6)

  • Please see here for legacy upgrade instructions.

TIP - Review Settings

Review ALL Frostfall settings after you have upgraded, such as W.E.A.R. The way these settings are stored has been changed.

TIP - Upgrading and New Games

A new game is always more straight-forward and "cleaner" than an upgrade, but upgrades from 1.6b to 2.2b have been tested and should work, provided these instructions are followed. Everyone's game is different; your mileage may vary. If a direct upgrade does not work, and clean saving does not work, you may need to start a new game. I wish I had complete control over the upgrade process and how scripts behave when changed, but I do not.

Starting Frostfall

When you first start the game with Frostfall enabled, you won't notice anything different; that's because Frostfall doesn't start until you want it to.

Starting Frostfall is simple, and there are three different ways to do it:
  1. Just look to the stars. Staring up at the night sky for ~8 seconds (in First Person) will start the mod. Stare at the night sky between 7PM and 7AM.
  2. Open the SkyUI Mod Configuration Menu, go to the Overview page, and click "Not Started". It will prompt you to start the mod.
  3. Open the console and enter the command: set StartFrostfall to 1.

After a few moments, you will see a message display that notes how you found a copy of a long-lost book, The Survivor's Guide to Skyrim(This book is purely for flavor, but does contain a lot of useful information, including most of what is on this website!). Once you've found the book, Frostfall's game mechanics will start, and grant you a suite of Survival Skills to aid you along your journey.

TIP - Upgrading from 1.6b

It is suggested that you save your game, quit to desktop, and reload your game after upgrading. You should be good to go at this point. Review all of your Frostfall settings; you will probably have to turn some things back on or off such as W.E.A.R.; the way these settings are stored has been changed. After this you should be good to go.

New Dangers, New Possibilities

Once Frostfall has begun, the following new game mechanics open up to you:

  • Hypothermia - You now have exposure. This is the core mechanic of Frostfall. Cold areas will chill you to the bone; fires, and staying in warmer climes will keep you warm (Riverwood, Falkreath). Exposure is a resource just like health, magicka, and stamina. Except this is a resource you want to keep close to zero!

  • Cold Water Survival - Water has different temperatures based on the location. Riverwood, Falkreath, and the Rift areas are nice and refreshing. The Reach and Whiterun areas have chilly water. The Pale and other snowy locations have frigid water that can kill in a minute or less. You have another resource, wetness. Being wet makes your exposure increase more rapidly, so try to stay dry as much as possible.

  • Camping Equipment - To make surviving with the first two points much easier. Adds a craftable set of tents, torches, backpacks, a cooking pot, fur armor, and more. Tents let you sleep outdoors. Cooking pots let you cook near a campfire. To use them, just drop them and select "Place".

You will learn the following new abilities after reading the Survivor's Guide:

  • Survival Skills. This is a Power found under your Magic menu that allows you to create survival equipment, harvest wood, build campfires, and so on. Press your Shout key (Z by default) to use it.
  • Weathersense. A power that displays your current Exposure and Wetness, and a description of the surrounding temperature. I recommend you hot-key this ability so you can check your condition at any time! (Messages will also appear without using this ability automatically, depending on changing conditions)
  • Survival Settings*, which allows you to configure nearly every aspect of Frostfall. Use it the same way as Survival Skills.

All of these new powers are usable by selecting them in the Powers menu under Magic, and pressing the Power (Shout) key (Z by default).

* If SkyUI 4.1+ is installed, the Survival Settings power will not appear. All configuration is done through the Mod Configuration Menu instead.

What's Next

After successfully installing Frostfall, you have two options:

  • Just jump right into the game. Frostfall has a complete in-game tutorial and help system. You also might enjoy just discovering things for yourself. Have fun!
  • Stick around these pages to gain a deeper understanding of how Frostfall works. Start here.
  • If uninstalling the mod, you must shut it down first, or you could do damage to your character or save game that may not be able to be repaired. SkyUI 4.1+ Users: You can shut down or reactivate Frostfall from the Overview page.

Good luck!