Tell me everything I need to know about this mod in a minute or less. Go.

Sure. Here is Frostfall, in 7 bullet points:
  • To start the mod, wait until the stars are out, and then stare up at the sky. You will get a message in a few seconds. Or, start it from the SkyUI Mod Configuration Menu. Or, open the console and type "set StartFrostfall to 1".
  • Frostfall adds exposure, which is like health or stamina. Try to keep it close to zero. Being wet makes it go up faster.
  • To keep your exposure from increasing too fast, you should wear head-to-toe clothing or armor, wear a cloak, use a torch, or bump up your Frost Resistance. Eating soup helps too. There are lots of ways to stay warm.
  • Always carry a Woodcutter's Axe. It's really important so you can gather wood to make fires.
  • If you are getting very cold, get near a fire. You can build one yourself using Survival Skills.
  • If the weather is bad, your exposure will go up faster (sometimes, much faster). Campfires don't work as well, either. In these cases, make sure you bring a tent and get inside it when trying to warm up. Or, just go inside to warm up, like in an inn.
  • If you decide that Frostfall isn't for you, make sure to read the Uninstall page to uninstall the mod properly, or else your character might become permanently damaged.

That's all you need to know, though reading How To Play would probably be helpful. Make sure you install the mod correctly. Good luck! Come back here if you want more insight.

How do I use Survival Skills?

Open your magic menu, and go to the Powers tab. Select Survival Skills, and then press your Shout key (Z by default). You are given this power after you start Frostfall.

Is this compatible with [insert favorite mod here]?

Probably. Frostfall is compatible with almost everything. See here.

Is this compatible with all official DLC?


Does fur armor keep your warmer?

It's an optional feature, but yes.

Does a torch keep you warmer?


Can I light unlit campfires that I come across in Skyrim?

Yes, including unlit Giant campfires. Hit it with a torch or a flame spell / shout. Frostfall is compatible with Sneak Tools by Borgut1337. Dynamic Fires by Woodbyte, however, is not compatible (in the sense that they do the same thing).

Do Nords get a unique bonus to the cold?

Frost Resistance helps reduce exposure, and Nords start with 50%. If you're not a Nord, you can make up the difference later with magical equipment.

Do Khajiit get a unique bonus to the cold?

No. They have been desert-dwellers for thousands of years, and the assumption could be made that they are genetically disposed to dealing with heat, not cold. In Ta'agra (the Khajiiti native language), "khajiit" means "desert-walker". They don't receive a penalty, however. Nor do any other races. I would like for all players to be on more or less the same footing throughout the game; your actions should be the most important factor dictating your survival capability, not the race you were born to.

Does it matter what my time scale is set to?

Exposure Rate is independent of your time scale. Use whatever time scale you like. This includes using a time scale mod, or setting the time scale yourself with console commands.

Are Vampires (including from Dawnguard) supported? Are Werewolves supported? Does werewolf fur keep you warm?


Does exposure affect NPCs or Followers?

Followers will use the extra bed rolls in your tent, if you have any. They will also warm their hands near a fire when you are warming up.

Having at least one follower gives you the Will To Survive effect, which grants you an additional 5% Exposure Resistance.

NPCs and Followers are not affected by the cold or exposure.

Does Flamecloak / fire magic warm you up?

Frostfall 2.5 added a spell (Kindle) that can restore your exposure at the cost of one firewood. Fire-based magic in general will never be given the capability to restore your exposure for the cost of magicka alone. See here for my thoughts on the issue.

Does this mod support SkyUI 4.1+'s Mod Configuration Menu?

Yes! You must use SkyUI 4.1 or newer, or the Mod Configuration Menu WILL NOT WORK! I cannot provide you with SkyUI tech support; for all SkyUI-specific questions, please contact the SkyUI team. If your Mod Configuration Menu does not appear, please consult the SkyUI Nexus page, and all related troubleshooting documentation.

If you use SkyUI, the Survival Settings configuration power will be removed from your magic menu.

I swam in frigid water and I died. How do I swim longer in really cold water?

Use Survival Skills, Create Item, and craft some Snowberry Extract. If you don't like this feature, you can turn it off under Survival Settings, Exposure, Water. If you use SkyUI 4.1+, you can open the Mod Configuration Menu, and go to the Gameplay page, and uncheck "Frigid Water is Lethal".

Quivers clip with cloaks super-badly and look dumb sticking out of the top of the backpack. Anything for this?

Try using my optional file, Belt-Fastened Quivers. It won't completely solve the problem, but it does look better (in my opinion).

Does this mod require anything?

The latest version of Skyrim. That's it.

How many Leveled Lists does this mod modify?


Has it been cleaned with TES5Edit for things like ITM records and wild cell edits?

Yes. DO NOT clean Frostfall using TES5Edit yourself. It has already been cleaned. You will break it.

What about SKSE?

You don't have to have it, but there are features that won't work without it. For instance, you need SKSE to prevent exposure gain while in dialogue. This is helpful when talking to particular NPCs in very cold places. SKSE is also a requirement of SkyUI.

What about Script Dragon?

Using Frostfall with Script Dragon is not supported. See here.

Can you add support for Tropical Skyrim?

I'd rather not. A lot of work has gone into getting the Tamriel worldspace to behave the way I want it to. To reverse course now would mean undoing a lot of work. I will happily support a new, tropical or desert-based landmass mod.

Can you add a bonus when riding Blaze of Eventide?

No. See note about fire magic, above.

Can you add a sweating mechanic / an overheating mechanic?

Yes, I can, but I won't. At least, not for Frostfall. I never want to punish the player for doing too much of what they thought they should have been doing. I think that it would be a poor design decision, similar to damaging the player for picking up too many heart pieces in The Legend of Zelda games.

Can you make it so that physical exertion (running, jumping, swimming) decreases or halts the increase of exposure?

I don't think it's a good idea and would encourage unimmersive behavior (dashing everywhere, jumping continuously). You already do not gain exposure during combat, by default, which simulates this idea.

Can you make it so that Become Ethereal halts exposure gain / allows you to swim in frigid water without harm?

It was determined that Become Ethereal lasts too long and has a recast time too short in order for this to be balanced, and I can't change the parameters of this shout in Frostfall (since this is not a difficulty, perk overhaul, or cooldown timer mod).