Controller Support

If you use an XBOX 360 Controller or another Skyrim-supported controller on your PC, Frostfall has a few specific force feedback features for you.

  • Your controller will vibrate mildly when your character becomes "Freezing".
  • Your controller will vibrate strongly when your character becomes "Freezing to Death".
  • When swimming in frigid water, your controller will pulse with each heartbeat of your character. These pulses will slowly grow slower and weaker until your character eventually succumbs to the frozen water.
You can enable Force Feedback in the SkyUI MCM or in the Survival Settings options. It is on by default.

About Powers

Frostfall adds two to three new powers to your character, depending on whether or not you use SkyUI 3.4+. These are Weathersense, Survival Skills, and Survival Settings. In any case, these powers are used by selecting them in your Magic menu (under Powers), and pressing the Shout button (which is Right Bumper by default).

The SkyUI Mod Configuration Menu for Frostfall can be navigated entirely with a controller, like any other SkyUI MCM menu.

About Hand Warming Animations

If you play Frostfall with hand-warming animations turned on, you will need to press the Jump, Ready Weapon, or Attack keys in order to exit the animation before becoming completely warm. This is because there is currently no way to detect analog joystick input from the controller. Keyboard users can tap a movement key to exit the animation.