Belt-Fastened Quivers is an optional file that re-positions quivers and crossbow bolts in order to be more "backpack friendly". It also makes minor modifications to the placement of bows and crossbows in order to avoid as much clipping as possible using this new position, while still trying to draw them closer to the body than the default placement. This file modifies the placement of quivers, crossbow bolts, bows, and crossbows for all races and sexes.

Version 1.1 also includes a new arrow draw animation, provided by Ninivekha:

Frostfall is not required to use Belt-Fastened Quivers, however it was originally developed with the intention to complement it by helping to reduce the amount of clipping between quivers and Frostfall's backpacks. You can use Belt-Fastened Quivers by itself.

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