Important Message to New Players

Hi, I'm Chesko, and I'd like to welcome you to Frostfall. I've poured countless hours into developing the most fun and immersive Skyrim experience ever. If you like survival gameplay as much as I do, welcome home.

Almost everything about Frostfall is configurable. Frostfall is as easy or as challenging to play with as you want it to be, and the mod was designed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. I encourage you to stop reading this page, install the mod, and jump right in. I built Frostfall like it was part of Skyrim all along; you will receive tutorial messages as soon as something important happens, and non-invasive notifications throughout the game to keep you informed of your condition. (These messages are customizable as well!) Let Frostfall itself guide you through your first steps.

If uninstalling the mod, you must shut it down first, or you could do damage to your character or save game that may not be able to be repaired. SkyUI 4.1+ Users: You can shut down or reactivate Frostfall from the Overview page.

The easiest way to get started is to select one of the presets, which will set up all of your options for you. Or, tweak each and every one according to your liking through the in-game configuration system. SkyUI 4.1+'s Mod Configuration Menu is supported!

My goal with Frostfall is to promote immersive, challenging gameplay that's fun to play without making the game a chore. I kept the words "fun" and "seamless" in the forefront of my mind when making design decisions.

Nearly all of the information on these pages is available through Frostfall's in-game help system. Just open Survival Settings, and select Help to browse the in-game help pages. 
SkyUI 4.1  Users: Go to the Guide page in the MCM to access the in-game Player's Guide.

So go have fun, and stay warm! See you later!

...Still here? Ok, then. Take your time browsing these pages.

Sometimes, with a mod as large as this, bad things happen. I've tried to catch as many bugs as I can, but sometimes things still slip through. Fortunately, I have given you a set of tools to help you solve some of the most common problems you might encounter. Just use Survival Settings, select Help, and then select Troubleshooting. Then, select the problem you are experiencing. This should hopefully put everything right again, and let you get back to adventuring.

If you want / need to disable Frostfall, you can do that at any time by using Survival Settings, selecting Advanced, and click Activate / Shutdown.

While Frostfall now undergoes extensive beta testing before each new release, please back up your save games before you update or install the mod. Making a "clean" save should not be necessary unless explicitly noted. If an update causes a problem for you, please contact me via PM on the site you downloaded my mod from (Skyrim Nexus or Steam Workshop), or shoot me an email at, and I will work with you as best as I can to help resolve your problem.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!



  • Voted File of the Month, January 2013 on Skyrim Nexus.
  • Featured in PC Gamer Magazine UK (#251, April 2013 Issue)
  • Featured and included in the pack-in DVD in GameStar Magazine (Germany, February 2014 Issue)

Comments and Emails


This is the most well thought out mod I've seen so far. Seriously impressive -- from the mechanics to the interoperability, this is a phenomenal contribution.

What an awesome play-through so far. Thanks so much for this great mod -- reminded me of the first time I played Fallout 3 and wandered into Megaton with a concussion, minor radiation poisoning, a broken left arm and right leg. In terms of "tension and relief," this is definitely a huge bonus.


I would not pay for any currently existing mod, save Frostfall. This is the only mod that I have encountered that is done to such a professional standard I could mistake it for a Bethesda feature (of course, it's lack of bugs would make me think twice).


This is just the best; it is the Game Maker. I would stop playing without it. No, really, I did.

I had a Skyrim build I was happy with and I wanted to wait until you finished up work on the latest version, and it was 100% the correct decision. There is a lot of time in Skyrim spent running around and getting places, or waiting, and you have managed to make all that down time interesting and challenging. You have made the mod so that any part of it or all of it can be enjoyed or turned off. You have added things to the game that make sense, never feel like a cheat or a penalty, and you have created a set of survival challenges and then provided reasonable methods for the player to work and overcome them. It all feels real and natural and an extention of the place in which we are living.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, you have created the mod that made the game what it should have been. You have taken the least interesting part of the Skyrim experience and modded it into one of the elements that gives me the greatest enjoyment.


Absolutely one of my favorite mods -- essential, really. Does wonders for immersion without going over the top and becoming a chore. Fantastic work; you've more than earned an endorsement.                             


You rock! Thanks for all your hard work! I can't play the game without this mod anymore!                            


[11pm] It's getting dark. I can barely see a foot in front of my face and I'm starting to get cold. My horse is somewhere nearby. I can hear him but I can't see him. I whistle to have him come. It feels better knowing he's there. In the saddle I have a tent, salt, and the raw venison I just caught a few hours earlier. I build a fire to keep warm and cook my meat on. After dinner, I look over the treasure map one more time before getting drunk and passing out by the fire... [7am] The sun has risen over the mountains, glaring majestically as Sigur Ros plays in the background. I take my empty wine bottles to the river to fill up on water before tearing down my tent and loading everything back onto the horse. I look at the map one more time. It's time to get moving. I still have a full day's worth of travelling to do and have to stay one step ahead of the assassin that's been hunting me...

Finally the game I want to play. Thanks to:

1. Total Realism

2. Frostfall

3. Better Horses

4. Realistic Lighting

5. Wars in Skyrim                             


Wonderful, wonderful mod!! I absolutely love it. I especially love the fact that everything is customizable in game instead of having to go out of the game just to change a minor thing. Heck, even the uninstall can be done from inside the game. Pretty awesome, my friend. Keep up the great work!!


I've tried your mod for 3 days (real, not game :P) but always in [a] hot place, like whiterun, today i went to windhelm, walking into a forest with snow falling from the sky, the sound of a cold wind...
At a certain point my sight [started] to blur, i was thinking that the ENB I was using was bugged, but it was not! it was the cold! So I started searching for wood and make a camp fire, I [did] it but the fire was not on and [I had no more torches]... "omg!" I was thinking, "and now?" then i remembered my fire spell. I equipped it, and [lit up] the fire wood.
FANTASTIC!!!! Fully immersive!
Really Thanks!