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The goal of this application is to help you when you are doing alchemy in Skyrim game.
In order to preserve the game-play, this is not a pre-computed receipt book.
Only 5 potions are already given in favorites, and you are allowed to delete them as you want.
However, you have to possibility to add and manage all your favorite potions.

You need an Android device v2.2 or greater (API Level 8) with a touch screen.
When installed, the application takes less than 1.5 Mb.
When are running it, around 30 Mb of memory will be used.
Those values have been seen on a HTC Desire HD and a Xoom.

First, you can consult this application as a reference guide for all ingredients and effects.
In ingredient details screen you can see their four effects, and some tips to find them, mix them...
You can browse ingredients (and effects) by selecting a specific one from the list, or by "swiping" left-right from an ingredient to another.
In effect details screen you will find a description and all ingredients that produce this effect.
Knowing the rule: "you get an effect in a potion if two different ingredients have this effect", you can invent potions yourself.
When it is time for experimentation, there is a special screen for that:
Just select ingredients you want to mix, and you will see potentially obtained effects.
Then, if you think the result is great enough you can decide to add this potion in your favorites (and assign it a name if you want).
During the game, you can consult the "favorites" screen as a potion catalog to remind how to make your favorite potions.
Finally, you can share you favorite potions with friends by SMS. They will be able to import them directly in their application.

If you have ideas, feel free to contact me.
For any comment or support, please contact the author.

Available in Android Market

Have fun!