We are a first grade classroom that is on a mission of video conferencing via Skype with a classroom from all 50 states. The objective of this project is to learn about the similarities and differences of schools,  communities and states across The United States. We hope to not only enlighten your classroom about our school, community and state but also learn how your school, community and sate compares to our very own.

To find a list of the of the questions we will hope to have answered by video chatting click the following title Skype Questionnaire.

If you would be interested in participating and helping us achieve our goal of 50 states, visit the Contact Me page.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

My Skype name: mrfsfirstgrade

Number of States Chatted:17
Number of classrooms: 22

Number of Authors: 1 (Pam Calvert)
Number of State Governors: 1 (Iowa)