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To add yourself to the map go to the link above and click on "sign-in" in the upper right - use your Google/Gmail account. Then select a pin from the top of the screen and put it where you are in the world. Most of us listed our name or Skype name and then under description we typed in our city and country.

World Friends - a google presentation created to demonstrate collaboration to students in Honduras.

HLW - YouTube

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Original Wiki Listing 

Collaborative work
HLWskypers Cook Book - Recipes from around the world. Started by Joe McNulty

A Compilation of Our Twitter Feeds 
EVPD - Educators Virtual Professional Development. A good example of HLWSkypers working together to help others learn.
Zero to Hero - Two school boys: David in Honduras and Akhil Jayakumar in India and Two School girls in a remote village in God's Own Country (Kerala) take on a challenge to construct a museum for a dying art - Shadow Puppetry - through their social contribution and the power of student networking.

TeacherCast.net - Podcasts, tutorials, and a community of educators who are using technology in their classrooms. A place where teachers can help teachers.

Karen Lirenman's book -  Starting with Choice: Primary Classroom Implementations .
It's FREE and can be downloaded here. 

Sugata Mitra: TED Talks on Education.

http://mydailycreate.blogspot.com/  Do something creative every day for a year.  Chris, Australia

Group's Blogs/Wiki's
Class/Student or Teacher blogs

http://class5intheenglishworld.blogspot.ru/ English language class: Tatyana, Russia

http://winnerseducation.blogspot.com/ - Winners Education Blog - Language school - Effie, Greece

http://livingmaths.blogspot.com/ - Steve, Cape Town, South Africa - spreading the joy of math and science.

http://www.skypeinmyclassroom.blogspot.de - Reinhard Marx, Germany 

http://blog.d30.me/dkarnoscak/ -David and his fifth graders, Glenview, Illinois USA

http://jasmineshannon.edublogs.org/ - Jasmine Shannon, teaching principal at Tipperary Station School near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

PERFECT blog to encourage colleagues how to just 'jump in there' and test the waters.

http://englishclassroombg.wikispaces.com/  - Rose, Bulgaria - 2012 Edublogs winner for best Educational Wiki!
http://ticjm.blogspot.com.es/ Jose Manuel, Spain.

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