SCMB - Skype Chat Message Backup

July 2, 2007

The current version of SCMB is written using J#. The problem with it is that there is a long list of software requirement including .net framework 2.0 and J# runtime. If using WSH (either JScript or VBScript), there will be no additional software requirement except Skype4COM. Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 shipped with WSH 5.6, Vista shipped with 5.7 while Windows 98 and 2000 shipped with 5.1 (hope it also works).


July 29, 2006

I've been using Skype heavily for more than one year. For security reason, the chat history can only be accessed through Skype client. But I want to the chat history to be stored as text/html files (like MSN) and thus be searchable through desktop search engine. 
So here is an application which retrieves all your chat messages and stores them in html files. 
Developed in J# using Microsoft Visual J# 2005 Express Edition. 
System Requirements: 
1. Windows XP 
2. Microsoft .net framework 2.0 
3. Microsoft J# framework 2.0 
4. SKYPE4Com 
Why J#? 
Because I'm familiar with Java language and J# gives me easy access to the SKYPE4Com library. 
Handle on the names of the chats: 
Since the name is used to form the filename, "/" and "*" are replaced with "-". 
Known problems: 
* Skype client crashed sometime 
* Some chats report "invalid chat name" (since this only happens for chats in a period of time, suspect that certain version of Skype messed up the data storage format of the chats)COMException when trying to access its field 
* Some chats have empty friendly name (only happened in old chats and displayed as "(blank)") 
* Some chats have zero number of message (only happened in old chats, suspect being improved in latest version) 
Future plans: 
* Remove framework dependency 
- Implement in C# (remove the dependency on J# framework) 
- Implement in C++ (remove the dependency on .net framework) 
* New feature application 
- Logging chat message when it arrives 
- Automatic generate/update index.html to reflect the chat history 
Distribution rights: 
- Feel free to distribute the source and binary to any one 
- If you make improvement to the code, it's nice to send a copy to me at


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