Mood Watcher - watch your contacts' mood changes

July 19th, 2007

Mood Watcher is WSH JScript application built on top of Skype4COM API. You can run it in the back and never miss a change of full name or mood message of your contacts. It should be fun :)

- Store seen full name and mood text of contacts as files (skype name as filename). These are using for determing if there is a change.
- Watch for contacts' online status and mood text changes.
- Record changes in a csv file (unicode/utf-16 encoded) and show the changes in the console

- Windows (tested on XP, should work on Windows 2000, 2003 Server and Vista)
- Skype
- Skype4COM

To run it:
- Download MoodWatcher.js
- Open it in Notepad, update the filename and directory names in configuration section and save it.
- Open command line console
- c:\>cscript MoodWatcher.js


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