smitter = Skype Mood Message to Twitter

August 29, 2007

I just found there is another nice skype mood message to twitter application at It's a exe file and I know some people like a stand-alone application better than script (including me). So if you are one of them, give it a try.

June 26, 2007

I am a very heavy Skype user. I update my Skype Mood Message quite often and I want a history of my mood messages. After a few days, I picked Twitter as the place to store my mood message history. The main reason is that both Skype and Twitter have an API for easy mesh-up.

At first, I used sKwitter from BlueNow ( But the installer is large and the program crashed too often.

At the same time, I found Post Skype's Mood Text to Twitter ( that provides a javascript wsh.

Based on the javascript file, I made the following improvement:
- Change the model from periodical checking to processing the UserMood events
- Only update twitter when mood message changed
- Launch Skype client if Skype is not running

- Windows (tested on XP, should work on Windows 2000, 2003 Server and Vista)
- Skype
- Skype4COM

To run it:
- Download smitter.js
- Open smitter.js in Notepad, fill in your Twitter username and password and save it
- Open command line console
- c:\>cscript smitter.js or c:\>wscript smitter.js


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