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Rutland Regional Sustainability Network 2007


            Would you or someone you know like to help in the creation of a volunteer Rutland County Energy Committee so that our community can begin to reduce our dependence on nonrenewable and imported energy sources?  We would work to create a sustainable energy future: one that minimizes environmental impact, supports our local economy, and emphasizes energy conservation, efficiency and the increased use of local and regional renewable energy sources.


             Please share this information and come to the first Rutland Regional Sustainability Network (RRSN)  Energy Committee organizational meeting at the Fox Room at the Rutland Free Library at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, October 16th.  Follow-up meetings are also scheduled for the same time, 7:30 on Wednesday, October 24th, Wednesday November 7th and Tuesday, November 20th so please mark your calendars.


                                    Some Background Information

            Recent events – global warming, catastrophic weather occurrences, wars in the oil rich Middle East, awareness of "peak oil" concerns, electricity shortages, blackouts and skyrocketing energy prices –  have lead to an understanding that the sources of energy  we have become so dependent upon are not limitless.  The reality is Rutland County is highly dependent on imported sources of energy and most of our energy comes from nonrenewable, finite sources.  On average, towns in Vermont consume 74% of their energy in the form of fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, and propane), and another 17% in the form of electricity.  These figures do not  include our auto based transportation system, the biggest user of fossil fuels. 


            With energy demands expected to continue to increase, our supply of energy will only become scarcer, and more expensive, putting a drain on our economy, and further degrading our fragile planet.  Because these nonrenewable forms of energy are produced outside our region, our energy supply is always at risk. Foreign fuel sources are insecure and unstable, subject to huge price swings, potential terrorist attack and supply shortages beyond our control, while local energy sources, (wood, wind, solar, and hydropower) once developed,  are not subject to politically induced shortages, nor to interruptions in the distribution network.


            The most abundant local energy "source" available to us is conservation.  Every kilowatt of electricity we do not use is that much more money in our pockets.  Increased efficiency means more viable businesses and greater economic security available to us with no reduction in the quality of service or the standard of living, and with no degradation to our natural environment.


                                                            Proposed RRSN Energy Committee Goals

1.       Reduce our dependence on nonrenewable and imported energy sources.

2.       Maximize cost effective and affordable development of local renewable energy resources.

3.       Reduce energy consumption in all public buildings,operations and vehicles.

4.       Encourage energy conservation, efficiency, and the sustainable development of local renewable sources of energy.

5.       Protect Rutland County’s renewable energy resources.

6.       Establish an energy efficiency and renewable energy worker training program.


For more information, and to let us know you will be attending, email kkrevetski  or contact Kathy or Wayne Krevetski at 779-1485









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