SkyNet.:R32 en

 a file grabber for DVB-S 

skynet .:R32 

is a mod of the original skynet 0.91 sources by S.O.V.A. The adjustments target on runtime optimizations and statistic flow information. 

Development is now proceeded with the new Technisat SDK & the new DirectX SDK. i.e. use only  >= 4.4.0 drivers for SS2!

Release: SkyNet .:R32 1.22      2006/11/27         [download]

New in this version

  • SS2 streamreader is now integrated in the binary (only skynet.R32.1.22.SS2.exe, use the oher binary if you need a different streamreader)  
  • Afterburner for bin files (re - done the file recognition before saving  >> promises a higher Rate of known files)  
  • program startup: all non existing files are deleted
  • dynamic maximum Graphs (5000 kb/s limit removed) 
  • History of the Graphs is presistent
  • Scroll range is displayed
  • Hotkey 'q' : show signal quality + level (only for  skynet.R32.1.22.SS2.exe)



  • NNTP: No more bad 1GB Files are produced 
  • only lower case file extensions
  • Crash at Ctrl+Del is fixed
  • NNTPdefrag: first UUD-Datei will get recognized now