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The Clown's Graveyard by J. Daniel Janzen

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Exclusive: Interview of the author by the author, Hand-drawn sketches by the author himself, why there is no chapter 13 in the novel.  And some more stuff, we're still not sure of.

Our very first publication comes from J. Daniel Janzen, a writer whom we've always admired.  Daniel is a copywriter and lives in Brooklyn.  We're sure he'll love some eulogies.  Email him at 



[Publisher's note: The cover'll be uploaded shortly.  Cross your fingers.]

The Clown’s Graveyard is a tale of myths, lies, and advertising in a data-driven world. The story follows two friends on a desperate journey from the heart of Silicon Valley to the legendary place where old clowns go to die.

Andy Hunter is the powerful and charismatic founder of Integrated Consciousness, a company selling better lifestyles through technology. About to release Integrated Consciousness 2.0, the ultimate realization of his vision, Andy finds himself inexplicably haunted by a myth his long-departed mother once told him: the tale of the Clown’s Graveyard, the legendary place where old clowns go to die. Plagued by sleepless nights, his nerves stretched to the breaking point, he senses that the only person who can help him is Lou Black, the long-estranged best friend from his idyllic Indiana childhood.

Lou, shrewd where Andy is naïve, had always yearned to share his friend’s innocent wonder in the unexpected and unexplained. Once a consummate showman in the spirit of P.T. Barnum, now a broken man, Lou sees that Andy’s soul has been corrupted by the sterile rationality and market-driven truths on which he has built a commercial empire. Andy’s only hope of salvation is to destroy Integrated Consciousness, and in so doing, to recover the faith in the absurd that had once been central to his character.

To this end, Andy and Lou stage a series of hoaxes and public spectacles that seem to defy reason. By undermining the rationality upon which Integrated Consciousness depends, they hope to spark the spontaneous popular mythmaking that is the antithesis of the industrial-media-marketing complex. Their comrades in arms include a disillusioned psychochemist, a waitress, a laboratory chimp named Joe Bananas, and a fabricated alien civilization that may be real after all. Meanwhile, Andy has to wrestle with a few myths and realities of his own: he’s not sure he can trust Lou, he’s still scarred and perplexed by his mother’s untimely disappearance years ago, and he doesn’t know what to think about the increasingly surreal and terrifying events that have begun to occur wherever he goes. As he learns, tampering with the fabric of reality is not for the weak of heart.

One of the most original and memorable novels to be written in English since the Canterbury Tales, The Clown’s Graveyard is destined to change the course of American civilization.



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