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No false promises folks but we, contrarily to so many others our there, will reply to your email enquiries as soon as we can. Ok, let's say... 72h?  Although if you're emailing us on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we're not too sure about the 72h.  It might be more.  Our minds don't usually work on those 3 days.


2006 is an important academic year for our publisher.  Khalil A. will be sitting for the A level GCE Cambridge University Examinations.  And next year, he'll probably be in a university somewhere.  This is why we will not be taking any unsolicited manuscripts in 2006 - at least we won't be reading any unsolicited manuscripts till November most probably; when the exams are well behind, you know.

Here's what we like nonetheless (proned to change from time to time):

  • Literary fiction
  • Teen stories 
  • Picture books
  • Short stories
  • Poetry 
  • Memoirs - We're a bit choosy when it comes to this one though


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