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Small, no money but passionate.  We love you.

About sky media

We are sky media and we are new in this indie publishing world.  We exist because we think that there are people out there who have talent and have great things to tell.

Publishing is not our day job and ultimately sometimes we will be devoting loads of time to the website and blog while at other time, we might find ourselves so absorbed in work/school that we'll completely disappear from the Internet for some time.  But we will make our best to regularly update our blog.

However the moment we decide that we're going to publish a particular book or ebook, you can be sure that we'll put into it the energy it deserves.  In fact we'll be accepting submissions in a rather heratic manner because of time constraint.  In other words, we'll be accepting submissions when we feel we are fresh and have enough time to devote to a new project.


Well, you know when using googlepages, you can't really choose what web address you want.  It all depends on your username.  For example if your Google username is: ijustdontknow, then your gmail address will be while your googlepage web address'll be

And, I guess you figured that skymedia had already been registered by someone else when we came with this brilliant idea of sky media, the indie publisher.  Ah well...

Who we are

A delightful team is currently being gathered in the shadows.  We'll keep you posted.  In the meantime;

Publisher: Khalil A. Cassimally

Writer: J. Daniel Janzen

And oh, we forgot.  We're based in Mauritius.  It's not everyday that you'll come across an indie publisher from Mauritius, believe us.


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