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We are sky media and we are new in this indie publishing world.  We exist because we believe that there are people out there who have talent and have great things to tell the world but find it difficult to break through.  Although why, would be a good question to ask ourselves.

We'll be happy with some help

1.  Artist/Designer
2.  Web editor
3.  If you really want to help in any other way, we probably need you as well. 

Email  God bless you. 

What we are up to?

-- The Clown's Graveyard (Coming up... Week of May 15 Um, imminently; it's nearly there!)

Hint: Just check out The Clownyard, the website of J. Daniel Janzen.  Surf around this fabulous writer's website a little bit and discover his story, The Clown's Graveyard.  Well, we are proud to announce that J. Daniel Janzen's debut novel, The Clown's Graveyard, will actually be our very first publication!

Info: The Clown's Graveyard will be released during the week of May 15... hopefully.  And because we're still getting a hang on things in this new world of indie publishing, we'll be releasing the novel as an ebook.  You can then print it out in its entirety, in parts or read it on screen itself.

Ohhh: Did we say that the ebook will be free to download? Yes, absolutely free.

More: About The Clown's Graveyard to be published by sky media.


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