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Skylock Social Butterfly Solutions   


Skylock Sets Up Your Social Networking Accounts:

-Twitter, Google+, Facebook Page with weekly Tweets, Circles & Likes

-To increase your Social Presence on the Internet with circles, followers and friends

Skylock Social Monitoring:

-Using the Hootsuite Dashboard to implement Social Listening.

-To know when your name, or keyword of your choice, are mentioned. 

-To allow for a prompt reply, appropriate public comment or private direct message.

Skylock Customized Programming:

-To create scheduled announcements using keywords and daily posts.

-To increase your visibility and public relations messages you may want to convey.

(For example:  Wednesday Wisdom or Fun Fact Friday, including image.)

Basic Social Media Campaign Budget:

$400 per month 


$100 per Social Media platform

Website & Blog Creation, Updates & Regular Posts:

$25 per hour

-Websites are developed using WordPress and Content You Provide.

-Blogs are most effective to use in promoting your Business.

-You supply the content.  We make the post with images and links of your choice.


What is Needed to Begin Your Social Media Campaign?

1. Profile Picture of you, or a logo of your company:

            (Dimensions for Facebook, Twitter & G+)


2.  A user name and password to link all your social media


3. Wording for your Sites:

            One paragraph about you personally and professionally

            One paragraph about your experience, education and background

            Your company Mission Statement and philosophy


4. Your name, title, contact information, etc. for your signature on your emails.

            Don’t forget your website! Do you have a Tube Link?


5.  Specifically for Facebook: 

            What pages or organizations do you “like”?

            What pages do you contribute to?

            What pages feature your work?

            Awards? Official brand, celebrity or organization your page is about







-Keyword search streams for all of your networks to identify top influencers, mentions of you or your product, etc.


-This is where your scheduled announcements will be stored for your review.


-We can also create pat responses and answers to specific questions.


We will provide you with:


-A list of keywords to use on your pages to improve your ranking on search engines


-Shortened URL’s for you to use when posting on your pages for analytic reports


-Links to accounts set up on your behalf to build creatives, retrieve analytics, etc.



 Then What?




1.  Content for regularly scheduled messages:



            -One sentence description


2. Content to begin blog posting on a regular basis, including articles, images, links.




Goals for Your Social Media Campaign



Facebook:      Custom posts that allows people to like and comment


                        Ask visitors to Take Action – provide their email addy


                         Buy Facebook add to drive traffic to this App.




Twitter:          Number of Followers increased

                        Number of Retweets increased

                        Number of times somebody favorites your tweet


                        Make sure your website and/or blog link is on your posts


                        Targeting top influencers (people with high Klout scores),

                        who have followers who might be potential customers.


                        Follow their followers; unfollow them if they don’t follow you.


                        You provide content (informational, funny, tips, promotional)


                        An Image, Sentence & Link.


Google+:        Add contacts to your circles

                        1+ and comments

                        Join groups and comment, share and 1+ posts

                        Post videos from You Tube



Additional Social Media Networks

(as low as $50 more per network, per month)



You Tube:      -Keywords or keyword phrases added throughout your channel.


                        -Plan to use keywords in your video productions.


                        -Use keywords in the title of your video and description.


                        -Cross-promote channel on other social media platforms.




Pinterest:       -Sends traffic to your website or blog – Increasing Sales.


                        -You provide images and quotes related to your industry.


                        -We will add a Call to Action to your images.




Linkedin:      -You provide content for new account and images

                        (Similar to About Page, but more Resume material)

                        -Build out groups, post comments and share info

                        -Create & Post on your Linkedin Company Page


                     Other social media sites upon request.


Yes.  You could do all of this yourself. 

But, Why?


Social Media Certification...

Means we know how to set up your sites with SEO in mind.


This will free you up to tweet, like and comment

when YOU are feeling Social.



Mention this site,
Anything Is Possible, or SLVELP
discounted price!

Basic Plan:
$100 per month
per Social Media Platform


Setting Up & Building Out your G+, Facebook & Twitter Social Media Pages $25 per hour.

Additional Social Media pages, such as Linkedin, Instagram, You Tube are an additional $100 per month, per site.

Social Media Clients: