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Summer Opportunities 2016-2017

Summer is a great time for students to get involved in programs that build leadership and self-esteem, acquire new skills, and have fun. 

Summer Opportunities



Resources to help you plan your best summer:

"Finding The Right Summer Opportunity for Teens


Here are some good questions to ask:

  • Who is the director? Get to know that person to find out his or her credentials and philosophy about the program.
  • What is the program’s track record?
  • Who are the counselors and instructors?
  • Can you talk to past participants of the program to find out their level of satisfaction?
  • What are the program’s goals?
  • What if discipline problems arise?
  • How safe is the program?
  • Could you arrange a tour or visit of the program?
  • What provisions are made for medical care and emergencies?


Note:  Skyline High School does not endorse any of the summer opportunities listed here; this information is solely provided as a community service. Check camps and opportunities out carefully before enrolling or sending money.  The location of camps does not always mean that the organization running the camp has anything to do with the university students are housed at.  Be sure you ask specifics before sending a student. It is possible a local program might be just as subject intensive  with multiple summer opportunitieswww.cogito.org


Summer on Campus-Whether your student is looking for remedial help or a chance to move ahead, many programs offer a combination of academics with recreation

Extra Credit-Students can get challenging coursework out of the way or find a program that normally would not
 be offered at SHS

Community Service/Internships-Students can gain invaluable skills volunteering for organizations in line with their interests. Many organizations have teen programs already set up with coordinators who are able to mentor and give sound career advice