Extended Essay

About the Extended Essay: The Extended Essay (EE) is a 4,000 word research paper completed during the IB diploma student's junior and senior years. The student will select a topic connected to one of the subjects studied junior year, develop a research question, and write an essay that is an independent investigation of his or her topic. The student will work with a faculty supervisor who is available to consult with and advise the student.
Class of 2017
Your first due date is February 8, 2016. You must submit a subject declaration form to the EE Coordinator by this date. See "Extended Essay Step One" below for help on how to select a subject and topic.

March 16: Research Proposal and Supervisor Agreement form are due to the EE Coordinator by this date. See "Extended Essay Step Two" below for more information.

June 1: Working Outline with Narrowed Research Question and list of Sources due to EE Coordinator. Source requirements are available in "Extended Essay Step Three" below.

September 26, 2016: Completed First Draft due to turnitin.com and to the supervisor. See requirements in "Extended Essay Step Four" below.

By December 16, 2016: Conference with Supervisor to discuss first draft.

January 23, 2017: Final revised Extended Essay is due.
This site links you to many resources about writing quality Academic Research Papers. Take note of the "What is an Academic Paper" link. It does a good job explaining how to write find a topic, construct an informed argument, etc.
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