Google Account Set Up

First things first, to use Google’s tools you will need a Google Account.  Google Accounts and Gmail are 2 different things, when you sign up for a Gmail email address you get a Google Account with it.  The Google Account provides you with all of the Google Tools such as Docs and Sites.  You can however, get a Google Account with an existing email address and never sign up for a Gmail email address (Confused yet?) Well, this next section will walk you through the steps to sign up for a Google Account by getting a Gmail address OR by signing up for a Google Account using an non-Google email account.

Teacher Tip: For Student Portfolios we recommend each student sign up for a professional Gmail account.  By "professional" we mean selecting a username that is appropriate for school and the workplace.

How to set up a Google account (with or without a Gmail address)
Go to Google and create a Gmail account by clicking on the link at the top right that says "Sign in." Next click on the link at the top right that says "Sign up."  If you want to sign up for a Google Account using an non-Gmail address that you already have click here. You will need a Google Account of your own to utilize Google Docs and Sites in concurrence with class assignments and other online applications we will use.
  • In the lower right hand corner click on the “Sign up for Gmail” link
  • Fill out the account information and write down your information in a safe space
  • Your username MUST be professional - no nicknames or slang
  • Use firstname lastname graduationyear as the naming convention [for example: alyssasunshine2010)
  • Use your student number as a password - this way you will always remember
  • Click on “I accept. Create my account.”
Teacher Tip: You may encounter an issue if too many students have signed up for a Gmail account on the same day.  If this happens, you can have the students sign up from home prior to the day's lesson.

How to set up a Gmail account
This tutorial demonstrates the 1st steps in setting up a Gmail email account.
Runtime 1:17

Advice on selecting a password
This tutorial demonstrates how to choose a password.
Runtime 1:02

Gmail Settings
This tutorial walks you through choosing the settings for your Gmail account.
Runtime 2:01

How to set up a Google Account with an existing Email address

This tutorial explains two main methods for setting up a Google Account.

How To Add an Account To Your Google Account
This tutorial explains how to add an additional email account to your Google account. Doing this will not effect where your email is directed, it will simply let people share documents/folders with you using more than one email address. This is very useful if you use an email in addition to your school email account when accessing Google Docs, or Groups.
Many people have had difficulty when they use Gmail to access their groups, but receive an invitation to a group or doc via their school email account.
Runtime: 0:49

What To Do If You Receive the Error This Account Already Exists!

If you are adding your AAPS account to your Google settings and receive an error telling you that this account already exists you will need to delete that account before adding it.  This tutorial will explain how to do that.